Reprint of a letter sent by Robin Furman, Team Leader of Ghosbusters UK

(Investigator 25, 1992 July)


Grimsby, South Humberside, England

Dear Mr ______

Thankyou for your letter containing information about your magazine 'Investigator'. Any information which you think of relevance concerning the Grimsby Ghostbusters and which is of course accurate, you may certainly publish.

I am curious to know how you came to hear of the 'Team'; perhaps you heard my talks on Radio Adelaide? Certainly the Team of Ghostbusters UK (as we are usually known now) and myself turn up in some unsuspected places; in the last month we have been on TV in America, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Switzerland as well as in the UK and other places in Europe.

As to information concerning the Team, there are four members of Ghostbusters UK. Janice and Rodney (Janice is a micro-biologist and Rodney is a computer scientist and physicist), I am the psychologist of the Team and my son Andrew is an engineer.

The Team initially arose out of interest created by my adult evening school lectures on parapsychology, or psychical research if you prefer. I took evening classes in psychology and philosophy and the techniques and applications of hypnotism as well, but it was the subject of parapsychology that really caught people's imagination.  It was the application of scientific principles of research to parapsychological events that most interested the students. Then came the day when I happened to mention that I had been called out to a haunting, and there were many requests from the members of the class to accompany me.

Eventually after many investigations and researches, we have become a strong and established Team of four, all having scientific backgrounds, but hopefully without bias or 'corporate' opinions. We are maverics in essence, but like Charles Fort we are certainly not against science, only dogmatical science, which is really a contradiction in terms.

In my book 'Ghostbusters UK' published Sept. 1991 by Robert Hale in hardback, you will find accounts of our true psychical adventures, mostly taken from our casebook...  I am looking forward to hearing from you again and seeing a copy of 'Investigator'.

Robin Furman
Team Leader of Ghostbusters UK

The Grimsby Ghostbusters are:-
Robin Furman (Parapsychologist)  Rodney Mitchell (Computers)  Janice Paterson (Co-ordinator)  Andrew Furman (Engineer)