Car's sexy ghost exorcised by priest

Gary Hughes

(Investigator 40, 1995 January)

Reprinted courtesy of The Advertiser 1983, October 21

LONDON, Thursday – Former wrestler Andrew Park has had a priest exorcise his car of a sexy female ghost. Mr. Park says the ghost, an attractive young girl wearing a see-through dress, started haunting his 13-year-old Morris three months ago. She appeared on the bonnet while he was driving along and waved at him.

"She's really attractive," said Mr. Park, of Melksham, Wiltshire.

But I'm afraid of having an accident because it's very hard to keep my eyes on the road when she's sitting there waving at me. It's weird. One second she's there – the next she's gone."

Mr. Park said he had seen the ghost, a woman of about 25, wearing long black gloves and the see-through, long dress about a dozen times usually when he drove by a local cemetery.

Father Thomas O'Donovan of St. Anthony's Church, Melksham, sprinkled holy water on the Morris to exorcise the spirit.