(Investigator Magazine #216, 2024 May)

Acclaimed as one of the most gifted healers and clairvoyants this century, in her thirty years as a psychic healer and medium Doris Collins has cured many of chronic pain and has enabled hundreds of bereaved people to communicate with their departed loved ones.

Born to a forty-eight year old mother, Doris's psychic experiences began at an early age. At sixteen she came face to face with her older sister who had died three years previously and although this was dismissed by her father as imagination, both her mother and the doctor who attended her afterwards never doubted her experience. Her mother was convinced that because she had borne her ninth child so late in life this may have affected her in some way.
Doris Collins' ability to communicate with the dead manifested itself when she was only five or six years old. In her autobiography, A Woman of Spirit, she recalls how she used to play with a little girl called Connie, then one day talking to Connie's mother she was told that the girl had died some years previously. Doris was able to tell the mother things about the little girl she could not possibly have known unless she had in fact met her when she was alive. At twelve, Doris met Mrs Clasper, a psychic and the mother of a schoolfriend, it was she who first revealed to Doris that she was also psychic. Shortly afterwards she became a member of a spiritualist church and began to cultivate her psychic gifts.
After the birth of her first child Doris took seriously to developing her gift as a spiritual healer and studied under the tuition of an experienced healer by the name of Jenkins, a member of the Ilford Spiritualist Church. Working with about a dozen other healers in a large hall which also served as a place of worship on Sundays, the healers would see as many as one hundred patients in an evening. Doris admits that none of the healers had had medical training nor possessed any medical knowledge, all they could do was offer help. By touching a person’s hands, head or back as the case may require and letting positive forces pass from one to the other healing took place. Doris went on to perform some miraculous cures and to develop her powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience, the latter enabling her to communicate with the dead and which contributed greatly to her world-wide reputation. On occasions her psychic powers have helped to solve murder cases: in one instance, her vision led to a re-investigation and the subsequent release. of a man wrongly convicted.
Doris has given demonstrations of her powers at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and before large audiences in America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Like the claims of the late Doris Stokes, they are shown to be without foundation when examined impartially and objectively. Notwithstanding the claimants’ steadfast refusal to be subjected to any form of controlled testing, investigation by those interested in exposing fraudulent claims have adequately demonstrated that no credence can be had in them. Police deny any help from psychics and in fact consider them a hindrance.

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