Rosemary BROWN
(Investigator 212, 2023 September)

One of the more fascinating manifestations of psychic powers is when a person's body is taken over by the spirit of someone long dead, and through them, communicates by one means or another with the living. Typical mediums of communication are automatic writing, painting and music. One such channel is Rosemary Brown through whom musical discarnates such as Liszt, Beethoven, Chopin and many others have dictated their compositions.
Rosemary Brown was first contacted by Franz Liszt when she was a seven year old girl, he promised to come back when she grew up and give her some music. In 1964, the Hungarian virtuoso returned and although Rosemary had had only a few piano lessons and a second hand piano, her hands were flying over the keyboard and music that she had never heard before filled the air. One by one the spirits of the maestros came to Rosemary to dictate their compositions, Bach, Berlioz, Brahms, Chopin, Dubussy and Rachmaninov among them, and even the spirit of Igor Stravinsky who had only died fourteen months previously appeared to dictate a short passage of music. In 1987, John Lennon of Beatles fame also turned up to dictate some new songs and lyrics.
The critics who examined Rosemary's manuscripts agreed that they bore a remarkable resemblance to the composers' known works, and that in view of her lack of musical education it was unlikely that she had composed them herself in the style of the masters. A long-playing record of some of the works was released in 1970, and was received with some acclaim, Hephzibah Menuhin the brilliant pianist viewed them with respect, and composer Richard Bennett was convinced that they were not faked by Mrs Brown.

In trying to explain why the spirits should have chosen to communicate their unwritten works in this way, the distinguished musician Sir Donald Tovey said, "The musicians who have departed from your world are attempting to establish a precept for humanity, i.e. that physical death is a transition from one state of consciousness to another, wherein one retains one's individuality."

While Richard Bennett was convinced the music was not faked he didn't go as far as to say it couldn't be faked. Entertainers such as Liberace, Winifred Atwell and Victor Borge often entertained audiences with modern pieces rendered in the familiar style of the old maestros.
Regarding Lennon's lyrics, Bill Barry, an expert on the former Beatle was unimpressed and commented after studying one of the "new" tunes, "John never wrote songs as bad as that."
While Mrs Brown may have produced the material from her own subconscious there is no evidence to suggest that it originated elsewhere.