Brian De Kretser

(Investigator 52 1997, January)

We have on 16.11.96 launched the Darwin Skeptics (a branch of the Australian Skeptics). At our inaugural meeting on 16.11.96 our founding members were:

I Prof. Brian Salter Duke
2 Linden Salter-Duke
3 Simon Potter
4 Stefen Dippel
5 Margaret Kittson
6 Dr. Richard Giese
7 Brian De Kretser

At another meeting on 1.12.96 we had the following additions:

8 Neil Dibbs
9 Mike Nicholls
10 Steve Templeton
11 Bridle O'Reilly
12 Iris Wolifson
13 Ann Clare Akerman

At a Psychic Expo last week I issued a challenge on Talk Back ABC Radio Darwin and also in the Northern Territory News (November 29) for $1000. But they publicly rejected the challenge, saying they were not into challenges. My challenge was simple. They had a choice of

(1) Six sealed envelopes to say what is inside each   four out of 6 would have been accepted; or
(2) Read the number of a $ note in my shirt pocket. They could bring all their best psychics and spirit guides against me. They backed down.

Brian De Kretser
Northern Territory