Investigator #166 reprinted a "Warning From God", e-mailed by a prophet who claims to get visions from God, and cautioned against taking such messages seriously.

This particular prophet wrote: "Obama is following the orders of Evelyn Rothschild to spread Ebola in America on behalf of the New World Order… I was seeing the rapid advancement of the ebola virus in this nation."

The prophet also claimed Ebola would reach all over China and "one third" would die.

Did "God" get it right?

The Weekend Australian for January 16-17, 2016 reported: "After 11,300 deaths, Ebola outbreak is over".

The Ebola plague started in a village in Guinea in December 2013, spread to nearby towns and:  "went on to overwhelm the health systems in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, which … suffered all but 15 of the fatalities…  The last known cases were discharged from an isolation ward on December 3…"

It seems that the prophet was wrong and Obama has been defamed and could have a case for libel!


For 14 years Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage have shown the world what's real and what's not.

They were the hosts, main investigators and special effects experts on the television program MythBusters.

Beginning on January 23, 2003 and finishing March 5, 2016 the 248 episodes showed 2391 experiments, approximately 700 explosions, and the destruction of about 300 cars in the analysis of 769 myths. They tested movie scenes, rumours, proverbs and bizarre claims and passed a verdict on each as confirmed, plausible or busted.

Hyneman, Savage and co-myth-busters Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Jessi Combs made myth-busting entertaining by keeping the science simple; by rivalry in designing alternative experiments; and with humour.


Guru Ashutosh Maharaj, one of thousands of "godmen" in India, died in 2014 and was stored in a freezer.

He was the leader of the Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan (DJJS) (Divine Light Awakening Mission) based in the town of Nurmahal in the Punjab.

Doctors declared him dead from a heart attack in February 2014, but his disciples claimed he was in transcendental meditation.

Swami Vishalanand, spokesman for the sect, declared that millions of followers would wait for the guru to finish meditating.

Ashutosh Maharaj (1946 - 2014) was born Mahesh Kumar Jha into a Hindu Brahmin family.

He became a spiritual leader and founded DJJS, a non-profit spiritual organization, in 1983 in the Punjab. It was registered as a socio-spiritual society/non-governmental organization in 1991.

The organization claims to have 30 million followers. It has 350 branches in 15 countries, and property estimated to value US$160 million. The organization's website defines their mission:  "To usher into a world wherein every individual becomes an embodiment of truth, fraternity, and justice through the eternal science of self-realization – 'Brahm Gyan', uprooting in its wake all social evils and threat".

Ashutosh was controversial among the Sikh community. He was accused of distorting Sikh teachings and making negative comments about Sikhism. There were also some violent clashes and demands for a ban on his activities.

On 29 January 2014 Ashutosh suffered a heart attack and was declared clinically dead by doctors. His followers claimed he was in "samadhi" or deep meditation.

DJJS management hoped he would soon wake up and stored his body in a freezer to simulate conditions favourable to meditation.

Ashutosh's former chauffeur Pooran Singh petitioned the court for a post-mortem examination of the corpse. Another man claiming to be the son of Ashutosh appealed to the court for the body to be brought to his home town for cremation. However, DJJS management claimed Ashutosh was single and had no family, and so his "meditation" in the freezer continued.

On 1 December 2014 the High Court ordered that the last rites for Ashutosh be performed in 15 days. The ruling was later suspended and further hearings postponed to February 2015.

The Weekend Australian, March 15-16, 2014, p. 10


"Indian dad hasn't washed for 35 years", reported The Australian in 2009.
Kailash Singh (b. 1946) took the decision not to bathe in 1974 when he married, because a priest guaranteed him a son if he did not wash or cut his hair.

Kailash gained a reputation as "the world's smelliest man" and his hair grew almost 2 metres long.

His wife Kalavati Devi, six years younger than him, threatened not to sleep with him but evidently relented since she gave him seven daughters.

Despite fathering seven daughters Kailash still refused to wash his body claiming only a son would change his mind.

He did regularly wash his hands and face with water but aside from that had only a regular evening “fire bath” which he said "helps kill germs and infection".

The "fire bath" consisted of smoking marijuana, praying to Shiva and dancing round a bonfire.

Kailash who lives in a village near the holy city of Varanasi outraged his family by even refusing a ritual dip in the Ganges after his brother died.

Kailash’s family once tried to force him to bathe in a river, but he fought them off.

His professional life suffered too. He had to close his grocery store when customers stopped shopping there, after which he tended cattle and tilled fields near Varanasi airport.

The Australian 2009, May 12