(Investigator 26, 1992 September)

Below is part of an ad dated March 2, 1988 predicting great things for March 13, 15, 17, and 25 of 1988.


Four girls in Spain, one called Conchita saw more than 2000 visions of Our Lady, the Mother of God, between 1961and 1965. Our Lady foretold a warning from God, then a great miracle and then a chastisement…

Six children in Medlugurie Croatia. have been seeing Our Lady daily since 1981 when they predicted the Pope’s assassination attempt. They predict a warning, a visible miracle and then a chastisernent in quick succession. Mary said the events will happen soon after her apparitions stop. The Communists early this year took away the leading priest and the apparitions have stopped.

A man called The Pebble has predicted the sun will dance at Nowra on 13-3-88. He says the tribulation started at dawn on 13-2-88. The sun is already dancing in the sky off Nowra and a statue of Our Lady at the Pebble’s Religious Community near Nowra...

A Fatima visionary who is a nun says the chastisement will occur in her life, she is 81.

Marc Lewis Julienne, at 11am 11-2-88, while walking on Sunrise Bay Beach, had a spiritual experience where Christ told him he would come on the 15-3-88 to save the world from a nuclear war.

After the miracle Christ will appear at Parliament House, Canberra to address the whole world. Then on St Patrick’s Day, the 17th March, all the dead will rise to be judged with all the present living. Then on 25-3-88 the feast day, called the Annunciation of Our Lord, He will take all the good to Heaven, a large planet infinitely more beautiful than earth…

One person mentioned in the ad is "The Pebble". This fellow has made other predictions of which perhaps none have come true.

Let's consider some more prophets.

Mission for the Coming Days was discussed in Investigator 24. They believe the Rapture (when Christians rise to meet Christ in the air) will occur on October 29 this year followed by the "Tribulation" lasting seven years and then the Millennium. It's been alleged that members are going on diets and females undergoing abortions to lose weight and more easily fly upwards on October 29.

The following ad appeared in The Advertiser (July 11):



            October 29, 1992, 1 a.m.
                    (Sydney Time)
        For his Churches as his brides at

If you miss the Rapture, reject mark 666 (computer barcade) on your hand or forehead. If you receive it, will go to hell.


Rapture (October 29, 1992). United Europe and Antichrist appearing – 7 years of Great Tribulation (1993-1999) – The return of Jesus on the Mt. Olives in Israel (1999) – The Millennial (Kingdom) under Jesus for 1000 years – Great White Throne Judgment – Eternal Heaven and hell.


Hundreds of Australians of a cult called Pleideans prepared for the apocalypse on July 26, 1992. Most of them kept it a secret but a group of seven in the New South Wales town of Wagga Wagga went public on Adelaide TV on July 24 to warn everyone.

One said: "I’ve noticed the weather change in the last two weeks." Another: "The days seem shorter." (Nothing strange about that since it was mid winter!) A third said: "The birds have been really quiet."

The American leader of the cult claims to be a prophetess. She visited Australia on a lecture tour early in 1992 and taught that the Solar System is about to enter an energy vacuum in a photon belt whatever that means. The Wagga Wagga group predicted either five days of total darkness or of continuous light, they weren't sure which, to start Sunday afternoon. They had stocked up on water, candles and food.

Sunday the 26th was also the date set by alleged Indian medicine-man Robert Morning Sky. Mr Sky toured Australia in May. He charged fees of $25 and treated audiences to yelps, war drums, prancing, jokes, 1950s and 1960s UFO anecdotes, and predicted that extraterrestrial aliens would reveal themselves to the whole world on TV on July 26.

Mr Sky knew about July 26 because in 1948 the Hopi Indians rescued a stranded alien who taught them the secrets of the cosmos and revealed the date. Mr Sky offered a manuscript of secrets for $20, photos of himself for $10 and a further meeting for $95.

Are all "Prophets" liars crying "wolf" or is there a real wolf to watch out for? You decide.