(Investigator 15, 1990 November)

A united Europe of ten countries in 1992; then a seven-year rule by the Antichrist suggested as being Henry Kissinger; two more wars by Israel; Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus in 2000 AD.

These forecasts and many others are described in detail by "the authority on end time events" – Barry Smith – in his three books WARNING (1980), SECOND WARNING (1984) and FINAL NOTICE (1989).

Barry Smith is a former New Zealand schoolteacher who with the help of the Assemblies of God religion commenced a preaching ministry in 1970. He is assisted by his wife May and four grown up children.

The three books devote much space to an alleged 200-year old "Global 2000" plan to achieve one world, one money system and one world government by 2000 AD.

Warning pp. 140-142 seems fairly certain regarding major natural catastrophes in 1982 including earthquakes and a change in the length of day and night. Page 155 informs us that the Second Coming of Christ will be 6000 years after Adam.

Other highlights are that the European Economic Community will number exactly 10 countries which will be assisted by a World Church to form the revived Roman Empire and will then destroy that World Church – which incidentally is based in Rome. Also the religious sacrifices of animals will be set up again in Jerusalem by Antichrist who is probably Henry Kissinger since his name adds up to 666. Three-and-a-half-years before Christ returns Antichrist will stop the sacrifices in Jerusalem. Then starts the 3½-year "great tribulation" during which 144,000 Jews preach everywhere worldwide.

Second Warning gives more of the same but adds brief attacks on Mormons, Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, Masons, UFOs, soap operas, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

Pages 191-192 have plain statements that Jesus will come by 2000 and we have "Less than 16 years then until the end of man’s allotted time to choose God or Satan."

Final Notice is the longest of the triology and has 428 pages.

This book says much more about both Kissinger and Antichrist but relates 666 to bar codes on food products and suggests that such bar codes will be implanted as microchips into people.

Page 255 says: "December 31st 1992 is the beginning of the end for this world system as it exists today." (p. 255)

December 1992 will see the end of "the cash economy." (p. 249) This will result from an economic depression so bad: "It will mean the complete and utter end of cheques, bank notes and coins." (p. 8)

Page 320 defines one generation as 50 years and commences the last generation in 1948. For those of us who can’t add 1948 and 50 together page 321 says: "Before, after or during 1998, the Messiah will come."

All three books include informative tidbits most of us didn’t know about:

Also sprinkled liberally throughout the three books are reports of miracles, visions and other wondrous experiences.

Three truly thought provoking books!