(Investigator 188, 2019 Seeptember) 

I will be 82 years old in October.

You have learnt a lot about life when you get that old! I ran away from School when I was 14 years old and have not stopped learning since. I once had a Library of more than 1,500 books.

I have given many books away to people because I will not get the time to read them again!

I have written a book titled Religion Delusion — an hilarious and serious look at Religion. The book has been self-published and is available online.

Here is the Blurb of my book Religion Delusion:

GOD. Made the Earth in 6 days. 4 Billion years ago. He also made the Moon, but forgot to put Water and Oxygen on it.

HEAVEN. Up in the Sky somewhere. Invisible.

HELL. Where the hell is Hell?

JESUS.  Has been waiting in Heaven for more than 2,000 years for God to give him the signal to return to Earth with all the Billions of people who have died and reside in Heaven. Imagine the Chaos.

MOSES. Parted the Red Sea with his hands.

ADAM and EVE. Went to bed and started the human race.

THE SOUL. Yet to be found in the human body.

SPIRITS. Will not be found in the body of a teetotaller.

ANGELS. How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin?

THE DEVIL. Is Redundant.

REINCARNATION.  More Religious nonsense.

PRAYER. You can Pray to a fence post or you can Pray to an invisible friend in the sky. You will get the same result.  Zero.

 John Carlshausen.

Carlshausen, J. Religion Delusion, ASPG

128 pages

Not available from Investigator. But a Google search on the book-title or author's name brings up opportunities for purchase.