(Investigator 43, 1995 July)



The honorable member started the discussion, and I am going on with it – I like to see the "cards on the table."

A few days ago I had a quiet chat with the Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Charlton), and told him of some of my beliefs as to some of the happenings in the future. I ask honorable members to listen to me without interjecting, because I am not able to catch all that is said that way. I am going to talk on a matter that may bring a smile to the faces of honorable members; but when I tell them that I am speaking on the authority of the Bible, their smiles may disappear.

The honorable member for Capricornia asked if the Armageddon were going to come between East and West. The Bible would lead me to say "No." Many things that I am going to tell honorable members are clear in the Bible, and if any would like to follow this matter up later, outside the chamber, I should be delighted to give chapter and verse from that book, showing what has happened in the past and what is to happen in the future. I am firmly of the belief that everything that is going to happen in the future of great importance is there for us to look at if we care to find it.

The next war, which is the Armageddon, will happen in the year 1934. Three nations will attack the British Empire. Two of those nations I am going to name now, the third I would rather not name. The two nations are Russia and Germany, who, combined with the other, will be at war with the British Empire in Palestine. The battle field is mentioned in the Bible – the battle takes place at Jerusalem, and the part that the British Navy will play is distinctly mentioned. The cemetery, the time for collection of the dead, the time for the collection of the arms of the war to be destroyed are all mentioned. The part that Australia plays is also mentioned. Australia is not mentioned by the word "Australia," because that name was not known at the time, but certain names are mentioned so far as the British Empire is concerned. We read of "the merchants of Tarshish and all the little lions." The "little lions" are the British Empire colonies. The British Naval Base is mentioned – Cyprus, which today is but a stones throw from the British Naval Base we have at Malta.

This battle of Armageddon is the last – it is the millennium – Christ's return to earth. The battle is being fought – the words are clear in the Bible – and the British Forces are in danger of being wiped out. When Christ re-appears, it is said it will be on the spot on which He left the earth, just east of Jerusalem, and in the robe of a tattered beggar and thief. That means that He will quietly and silently come into the British headquarters. There will be great storms, tempests, deluge and fire – no doubt from the air – coming down and wiping out the army opposing us. The British nation from the start has been one of the main I hardly know how to express it but has been ordained by the Almighty to take this part on Christ's final return to earth; nothing can over undermine the British Empire to our utter destruction, because it is marked out, and our name is marked out on His final coming, to play a great part.

Without us, He cannot return in 1934. We play a great part in those "latter days," "the time of the end." The British Empire has always been a refuge for the oppressed people. There are many conditions precedent to Christ's return set out by Him and His prophets, and the main one is this, which is rather remarkable that the Turkish Empire must disappear before 1922. There is one year to go; and what is the position to-day? The Turks – the oppressors of the Christians have nearly disappeared. The British Fleet has been at Constantinople trying to keep order. The Turks were driven out of Palestine, by whom? The Australian Imperial Force – all the connecting links are coming to pass.

Mr. Wauchope, of Adelaide, has written two books, which I ask honorable members to buy; one is entitled The Troubled Nations, and the other contains Four Lectures on Armageddon; and when honorable members have read them I think they will agree with what I say.

Another condition precedent to Christ's return is – what?  Great unrest throughout the cities of Tarshish – the British Empire – with riots, massacres, and bloodshed. What is happening today in Ireland? What is happening today in India? What has happened in Egypt? What happened during the war? We had serious riots in certain places during the war, and there was bloodshed and unrest throughout the world, so that condition is almost fulfilled.

There is a third condition, that certain earthly kings would disappear from their thrones before 1917. The Emperor of Germany has gone; the Czar of all the Russias has gone; Carl tried to get back to his throne a few days ago, but had no chance whatever. According to the Bible, on Christ's return certain kings have to go on bended knees and hand up their crowns; the world is to go on for ever, with Christ as the only King in the flesh in Palestine, all other kings then existing having to pass away. The King of England is specifically mentioned as coming in his ship, and on bended knees offering his crown to Christ. The other kings do not voluntarily offer their crowns, but are compelled to do so.

Six or seven precedent conditions are enumerated, and one is the return of the Jews, the chosen people, to Palestine. What is happening today? Thousands of Jews have flocked back to Palestine, and, under a British-Jewish Governor, are setting up a great kingdom for Christ's return. The final scene in the setting is that in which Christ directs the British ships to proceed to all the ends of the world to collect His chosen people – the Jews and bring them back to Palestine, where they become the greatest nation that the world has seen. A thousand years of Sabbath-like peace then starts, and under the new conditions all people work, and are on the same level, and true Democracy is restored to the world.

I still see a few smiles on the faces of honorable members but I think I can remove them by asking them what is the first act that takes place every day when this House meets? The Speaker takes the chair, and reads the Lord's Prayer, while we stand with bowed heads. That prayer includes the words, "Thy kingdom come." That kingdom is coming so far as I can see, and I am not the only one who holds that opinion. This Book tells me that the kingdom for which we pray every day will be here in 1934, and so far as men who have followed up this prophecy can ascertain, there is not one cog of any great event which has gone out of its place in nearly 2,000 years.

Whether or not the Conference at Washington will be a success we cannot at present say; but I agree with the Leader of the Opposition that there is to be no war in the Pacific. The war is to be where it always has been – in Europe and the Mediterranean. There is no reference whatever in this prophecy to a war in the Pacific. We cannot wipe out our armies and navies altogether, because in thirteen years' time we have to play a great part.

I do not say that colossal expenditure should be incurred today, or for the next few years, on great armies and navies, but the British Empire must, under Christ's direction, keep her Army and Navy up to a certain level in readiness for the great day. So far as we can see, the Japanese will not invade Australia. As a matter of fact, many believe that, according to the Bible, great numbers of Japanese and Chinese, on Christ's return – the millennium following Armageddon – are to go to Palestine with Christ and the Jews, because the Japanese have always been looked upon as a people who are immortal.

Honorable members are aware that the Japanese love to fight, and enter battle without fear or misgiving, because they know that on their death they will go to Paradise. They look to a higher future, and, so far as we can ascertain, they will, at the millennium, go into Palestine with Christ. Honorable members may or may not believe me, but when I remind them of that Book, and of the prayer that is said here every day they will agree that there must be something in what I am saying, because no one link of any importance is missing from the chain. Winston Churchill was warned, so I am informed, by a man who thinks as I do that his premeditated attack on the Dardanelles would fail, because that was not the place where it was ordained that the Turks should be driven out. The Turks were to be driven out of Palestine; and I am delighted to know that it was the Australian Imperial Force that practically did it.

I could go on for some hours on this subject, which is highly interesting, because it has, in my opinion, a vital bearing upon the matters in regard to which this Parliament has to legislate.


[The above, re-type from Hansard, was given to Investigator by John Hutchinson of Victor Harbour.

The speaker, Mr Walter Marks, was either a Christadelphian or closely linked to that religion.

The reader should judge for himself whether the prediction of the return of Christ in 1934 and the other predictions were fulfilled. Ed.]  

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