Old Earth Creation Science Testimony

Greg Neyman


(Investigator 109, 2006 July)



I grew up in a Christian home. My parents were members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). All throughout my younger years, I attended church with my parents, learning about God, and accumulating knowledge about the Bible. 


As a child, I always had an interest in rocks. My pride and joy in my youth was my rock collection. As I got older, the interest in rocks was still there, but it lay dormant in my mind throughout high school. 


At the age of 16 I was encouraged to go forward, and become a Christian.  I did so, not out of my personal belief in Christ, but out of an obligation to my family.  After my so-called conversion, I reasoned that the earth was old, a product of millions of years, with God actively creating over this time period. 


After graduating high school in 1979, I joined the US Air Force. While going through basic training, I attended chapel services, and the Lord started to work on my heart. Realizing my need for Jesus, I accepted Him in basic training, committing my life to following Him.


My first duty assignment was in California. After a month in the dorms, two people knocked on my door, and I was invited one afternoon to a softball game. Little did I know that my Christian life was about to change forever. Those two people were from the Navigators, an organization that ministers on college campuses and military bases throughout the United States and overseas.


After that initial contact, an older Christian took me under his care, and began discipling me, teaching me how to become an effective Christian.  Soon after, I was in weekly Bible studies, attending monthly Navigator meetings, and I was going door-to-door seeking people for Christ. Rarely did the topic of the length of creation come up, therefore I never had to think seriously about this issue during these four critical years of being discipled in the Christian life.


After four years, I separated from the Air Force and went to college.

I started out at the University of Mississippi, majoring in Elementary Education. I met my wife during my first semester. During my second semester, I took a freshman level course in Geology, and through this course I decided to change my major to Geology. My interest in rocks had lay dormant in my mind for many years, but it was awakened through learning about the formation of these rocks. 


After this Geology course, I developed what my wife would view as a mental problem. I have a natural attraction to rocks on the roadside. I can be driving along on a busy Interstate, see an interesting rock outcrop, put on the brakes, pull over, get out my geologist hammer, and get a few samples (drives the wife mad!) I’m certain it has driven many a geologist’s spouse mad. It’s amazing how one can see a tiny fossil on the side of the road at 65 miles per hour!


During this time in college, when asked I did not hesitate to proclaim that the earth was indeed old. I saw no conflict between my faith and the science I was learning. After a school change to Memphis State University, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geology in 1989.


Since graduating from college, I have not had an opportunity to use my degree.  However, I have stayed active in geology by keeping up with the scientific news (and by stopping at many rock outcrops on busy Interstates).  

For years I had read the claims of young earth creationists, and shook my head in disbelief at the ignorance they displayed. 


With the coming of age of the internet I decided to put my desire for geology and God on the internet, in the form of a website proclaiming old earth creationism. I would take a different twist, however. I decided to focus not on old earth creationism directly but on the faulty arguments of young earth creationists. I decided to provide rebuttals to their false claims, and reveal the bad science and illogical arguments of their claims.


Thus was born the website known as Answers In Creation or Old Earth Ministries.


The moral of this story...if you see a young earth creation science argument, pull over, get out your geologist hammer, and smash it to pieces.  Since you can be a Christian and believe in an old earth, we can do away with all those faulty young earth arguments.


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