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The Mormon religion (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is one of the most active proselytizing religions in the world. They claim to be just another Christian denomination. Are they? This pamphlet has been produced to help you understand what the Mormon church believes. It will clearly reveal that Mormon doctrines are not taken from the Bible and, if this is so, that the Mormon religion is not just another Christian denomination. In fact, it does not resemble biblical Christianity at all.

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God the Father

Jesus Christ

The Holy Ghost


The Trinity



The Bible


The Book of Mormon


The Gospel


The Priesthood


Aaronic Priesthood


Melchizedek Priesthood


Three Degrees of Glory






Temple Recommend

Temple Marriage


Temple Work




The Fall




The First Vision


The Great Apostasy


The True Church




Word of Wisdom


The Law of Chastity

The Preexistence