(Investigator 36, 1994 May)

Sitting in a semi dark hall and holding hands with two other males was not my idea of a fun evening.

"Transmission meditation" with the meditators holding hands, supposedly transmits energy to where it can best advance human evolution.

About 55 people gathered in Adelaide on the special occasion of Benjamin Creme's visit.

Creme, 72, claims Christ returned in 1977 and since 1991 is making appearances more and more often to people all over the world. Christ communicates with Creme telepathically who then passes on the messages.
"Christ" is an office or position, previously held by the "Master" Jesus, and now held by another "Master" Maitreya.

The appearances of "Christ" are regularly listed and reported in the monthly newsletter of the "Tara Center" called The Emergence.

A special information issue of Share International, a magazine edited by Creme, says: "Eventually Maitreya will inaugurate a new world religion •••

"[It] will be a fusion and synthesis of the approaches of East and West."

The degree of the intended "synthesis" is indicated by the variety of ideas and topics in Share International. These include reincarnation, Hercules, Buddha, Karma, interplanetary travellers, miracles, Lemuria, etc. About 18 1/2 million years ago beings from other planets, notably Venus, came to Earth and helped primitive mindless humans to evolve minds.

The seating arrangement of the 55 people was U-shaped. Females were on one side of the "U" and males on the other. The exception was the curve of the "U" where Creme sat with six females on either side of him. Every person held hands with his neighbours in silence. When someone left then the last person in the tail of the "U" moved in to take his place.

Every ten minutes or so
Creme called out: "Keep your attention high at the top of your head!"

It was a long 3 1/2  hours.

Worldwide there are over 700 meditation groups holding weekly meetings.