In the 1990s Investigator received some issues of THE EMERGENCE, published by Tara Center, with permission to reprint them. This publication gives news about "Maitreya" who is said to hold the office of "Christ" and fulfil prophecies of Christ’s return.

The following appeared in Investigator 40, 1995 January.



Vol XII No. 10, October 1994 Editor: Tony Townsend

Recent information on appearances by Maitreya, the World Teacher, and His creation of healing water sources follows:

On 31 July Maitreya appeared to 300-400 Christians in South London. He spoke for 17 minutes.

On 14 August Maitreya appeared to around 300 Orthodox Christians in Copenhagen, Denmark, and spoke for 15 minutes. Water in the area had been charged earlier.

On 21 August Maitreya appeared to around 600 Catholics in Krakow, Poland, and spoke for 16 minutes. There was a particularly excited response. No water was charged.

On 11 September Maitreya appeared to around 600 Orthodox Christians in New Zealand, and spoke for 18 minutes. Water had been charged previously.
[By Benjamin Creme, Share International, October 1994]

events without precedent

by the Master through Benjamin Crème

With every day that passes, the emergence of Maitreya into full and visible presence comes nearer to fulfillment. Ere long, the waiting world will know beyond all gainsaying that the Master of the Masters, the Light and Hope of the world, is now, once more, among men. Little time, indeed, now holds back this culmination of long-laid plans.

These plans have involved the reorganization of the group of Masters of which Maitreya is the Head, preparing Them, too, to take up, again, Their work with men in open demonstration of Their knowledge and power. Much special training has been needed to equip Them for the task. Soon, the results of this effort will awaken men to the new reality in their midst, and point the new direction of the path ahead. Each Master has His specialty, but each embraces the plan for the development of all factors governing the spiritual essence of man. Each, singly, and as members of a group, will stimulate and evoke the spiritual potential latent in all. Thus will it be. Thus will the Elder Brothers of men demonstrate Their kinship and concern, Their love, and knowledge of the Plan.


We are entering a period of profound change. Not all will welcome the direction in which that change must go. Nevertheless, the urgent needs of the time demand the relinquishment of old privilege and power, the acceptance, gladly, of the reconstruction of outworn forms, the better to bring them into line with the true needs of men.


Whatever these needs are will be Maitreya's purpose to elucidate and describe. He will show that without justice for all there is no real hope for man, for without justice peace is an empty dream. He will show the need of men for work, and the self-esteem which stems therefrom. He will draw the attention of men to the special needs of the young, so to foster their latent aspiration and readiness to serve. He will emphasize the role of woman and her need for emancipation, education and respect. He will show that in the years ahead, a vast army of servers will be required to fulfil even the basic needs of a world hungry for food, for work, for education and knowledge; for a chance to demonstrate their humanity and longing for betterment.

world stage

In His centre, Maitreya awaits the moment when, under law, He can step forth onto the world's stage and speak thus for all men. In that centre, now, preparations are being made for this imminent event. Few there are whose imaginations can visualize the importance and extent of the happenings of this time; they are without precedent in the history of the world.
[From Share International, October 1994]

serving by giving

Once each year, we bring to your attention one of the most important ways you can inform the world of Maitreya's emergence: by joining the 'Friends of Tara Center' monthly/quarterly support group or by making a single contribution to the work.

Over the years, the 'Friends' group has consistently provided the financial base upon which Tara Center operates, and one-time gifts from other individuals have funded special outreach projects, many of which have been reported in this newsletter. We are about to enter the next phase of this work!

For the past three months Tara Center co-workers have gone into 'overdrive' making preparations for the information demands which are sure to follow Maitreya’s impending television interview. New materials, geared for the public at large, are being written, a vast database has been created on electronic networks, and our books are being updated and readied for reprinting. Developing new office procedures, including how to handle a major increase in public and media inquiries, and how to supply books quickly to any point in the world, has also demanded considerable time and research. To make this information available and to implement these procedures will require a rapid and sizable inflow of money.

Although many supporters are sure to come forward after Declaration Day, the intermediate phase, after Maitreya’s first interview, may produce a lot of inquirers, but not necessarily a lot of donors. Therefore, Tara Center needs to establish a healthy reserve fund so that an adequate response can be launched the minute it is needed.

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