(Investigator 30, 1993 May)

In 1982 Scottish born Benjamin Creme, now 71, addressed 90 journalists in Los Angeles and announced Christ had returned.

Creme claimed that "Christ" was the name of an office which was now filled by "Maitreya".

Maitreya had allegedly left the Himalayas in 1977 and moved to London. "Christ" is appearing on various occasions to groups of followers and will soon "save the world". He supposedly contacts Creme telepathically and is about to talk to the whole world using the same method!

<>During the centuries numerous other men have claimed to be Christ.

<>The original Jesus Christ foretold his future return but added: "For false Christs and false prophets will arise and mislead many…" (The Bible - Matthew 24
An evaluation of Maitreya would need to include an investigation into the Bible's doctrine of Christ's return.

The Emergence, published monthly, provides news about Maitreya and efforts to publicise him.

Extracts from The Emergence Vol XI, No. 3, March 1993:

update from London

Recent information on the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, follows:

Q. Has Maitreya made any more public appearances since the last issue of Share International?

A. As I wrote in the last month's issue, Maitreya appeared (miraculously) to 800-900 Eastern Orthodox Christians in Romania on 27 December. The town was Bucharest, the capital. Water in the area had been charged by Maitreya in October. Latest reports indicate that this healing water has been found. We await further details. On 17 January Maitreya appeared to 600-700 Lutheran Christians in Oslo, Norway. Water in the area was charged on 6 January. Today, 7 February, Maitreya will appear to a group in Romania once again.

the end of hunger

Much attention is given today to the question of hunger. Many agencies and groups around the world focus exclusively on this issue. Why, it may be asked, is this so? Why should one, albeit important, factor in men's lives command so much attention, engage so much concern, arouse such controversy and inspire such dedicated service and self-sacrifice? Men know by direct experience that hunger, as a continuing state, is unnatural and does violence to our humanity. They know that from the inception of life on planet Earth all living creatures must eat to assuage their hunger and so maintain their physical manifestation. Over the ages, as a result of climatic change, large sections of humanity have battled, with the animals, for survival. They have known hunger on a scale unmatched today. Technology, science and fast communications have eliminated, for the majority in our time, the suffering of mass hunger and starvation.

The question arises: why, in a world so well endowed, does hunger exist to such degree? Why, with food enough and more for all, do millions still sadly starve and bring disgrace on man's divinity?

By what law do men assume the right to mark those who shall live and those who must die? From what complacent depths are such judgments made? By what initiative, what new-found grace, can men stem the tide of this iniquity?

Soon, events will force men to re-think the purpose of their lives and recognize their common heritage. Soon, a new levelling will teach both rich and poor their natural brotherhood. Presently, the Teacher Himself will demonstrate His solidarity with all groups and kinds of men, and, in emulation of Him, will today's cleavages be healed. Mark well these times; they are the beginning of the end of the old, the birthday of the new. Today, the leaders of nations wrestle with events beyond control. Forces they know naught of drive them to unplanned and oft hysterical response. They flee from chaos into chaos, led by their own dogma.

Meanwhile, We patiently wait. We know the outcome of man's present dilemma, and aid to the full extent of karmic law. We know, too, that man, of his own free will, must choose the path to future glory: -the path of brotherhood and love, justice and sharing. We rally to man's need. We strive to teach and serve. Man himself must act, and test his divinity in the crucible of experience. The signs are there for all to see: the signs of the new time, when hunger will be no more.

[By the Master, through Benjamin Creme, 'The end of hunger', Share International, March 1993. Note: The Master – is a senior member of the hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. Benjamin Creme receives the Master's articles by telepathic means.]


"The signs of Maitreya's presence in the world will continue to increase… He is going to flood the world with such happenings that the mind can never comprehend it."

This statement, made in June 1988 by a close associate of Maitreya, the World Teacher, points to the increasing number of miracles which have been occurring ever since. Visions of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Mohammed, the Messiah, Krishna, and other spiritual figures; bleeding or crying statues and portraits; photographs of Christ in the clouds; ‘crosses of light'; crop circles; ‘the vanishing hitchhiker'; the ‘man in white' who appears and disappears; the ‘angels' who miraculously appear to help stranded motorists, then disappear; and other like phenomena are being experienced by millions and increasingly reported in the world's media.

Now, healing water is beginning ‘to flood the world'. So far at least three wells of healing water have been discovered on three continents: America, Europe and Asia. Watch for further discoveries near those cities where Maitreya has already appeared. In addition, visions of the Virgin Mary are increasing, such as that in Conyers, GA where thousands have seen visions of Mary and the Christ in the sky, as was reported in Time magazine, Jan. 18, 1993.

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