Sometimes successive events imply nothing significant when considered individually, but taken together suggest something may be wrong.

One such series began for me on October 20th at Christian radio station 1079 Life.

First: Tour guide "Kit" claimed she recognized me. We stared at each other but could not recall any previous encounter. I experience this, where someone mistakenly thinks they recognize me, about once in five years — it's not common.

Second: On the 24th I sent an e-mail stating I'm telling other people about my visit to Life FM but want to get my terminology correct and therefore need the job-title or job description of Kit and Jayne.

The Station continually calls attention to Christian helpfulness, citing the Bible on the good Samaritan and "love", therefore would surely spare a minute to clarify a point of everyday knowledge.  But not so.

Was the question too personal? It was no more intrusive than knowing that a neighbor is a teacher or clerk or whatever. A little random listening to 1079 Life revealed that one show host has a son and is "one of those people who know everything because she reads a lot." Another is aged 40, has twins, and entered a 5km run — indicating she's a fairly fit. A married couple has infant children; even mentioned one's name. One announcer is a "nibbler" who nibbles his pen. Another, during a discussion on drinking from toilet bowls, remarked, "One of my sisters does that" — although this may have been a joke.

Continued listening would give detailed profiles, compared to which knowing a job title is nothing.

Third: On October 26th I phoned to offer a donation — and pressed key "3" for donations. A voice promised to attend shortly. After waiting and more waiting came the words that they can't attend and to try another time.

It was the first time ever that any charity or organization refused my donation.

So, is something amiss?

People taking a guided tour had to supply their names and phone numbers. Potentially my details could have been checked against a database which listed me as unwelcome. However, this explanation cannot be correct because 1079 Life is full of Christians whom the Bible says are non-judgmental, always do good, don't condemn the innocent, and seek peace with all people.

Therefore, everything's surely OK.