The Reason for the Prohibition Against Worshipping Foreign Gods

Jerry   Bergman

(Investigator 152, 2013 September)

The Jewish law existing in ancient Israel prohibited Israelites from worshipping both foreign and false Gods. This commandant has caused evolutionist and militant atheists Richard Dawkins to write that "The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant charter in all fiction: jealous and proud of it" (Dawkins, 2006, p. 51).

Many reasons exist for this command, but historians believe one important reason is because, all too often, a ruler made himself a god and, at times, horribly abused his people, or, at the least, exploited them. One can understand that 2000 years ago, but today?

Actually, this was not uncommon even in just the last century. Emperor Hirohito of Japan did it, and, the most educated nation in the world with more leading scientists than any nation on earth, Nazi Germany, also did it.

A New York Herald Tribune article published on February 24, 1937 titled "Hitler is Called God's Revelation" relates how Hitler was much more than just God's revelation; he was the god of the "cult of der Fuehrer and the religion of National Socialism." The article notes
the cult of der Fuehrer and the "religion" of National Socialism were stressed…in a specially prepared prayer which was chanted in a broadcast over all German radio stations, Chancellor Hitler was referred to as "God’s revelation to the German people" and as he who walks among his people "as their redeemer."

The prayer concluded with the following words that show Hitler was more than Gods revelation:
We believe that the mission of der Fuhrer is the fate of our people. National Socialism will break open the gates of eternity. You our Fuehrer, walk among your people as their redeemer. You teach the youth of the country to die for the Reich. You have suffered pain for your people, but supreme energy still abides with you. God preserve our strong faith in the strength of our blood. Fuehrer, march forward with our sacred emblem. The prayer closed with a sharp repetitive command as if from the heavens 'Fuehrer, march forward!'

The reference in the prayer to 'God's revelation' constituted a confession of faith smacking of the Apostles' Creed: 'We believe in our Fuehrer as God's revelation to our people.'

Furthermore, the article quoted the prayer's words that came through the loudspeaker, typical of those used in Nazi ceremonies which are:
'God said to the German people: If you seek out your leader, then I will change your fate and prevent your disintegration. Then a new day will dawn.' This symbolic resurrection is brought into the cult by a reference to the 'awakening of the dead' –– the party members. Including Horst Wessel, who were killed in the Nazis' struggle to attain power. 'Our dead are not actually dead,' chanted the Nazi 'priest.' 'Comrades, you live!'

This is all ironic in view of the fact that Hitler hated Christianity and was determined to destroy it after the war (Bergman, 2012).


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