A Brief Response to Kirk Straughen

Jerry Bergman

(Investigator 212, 2023 September)

Kirk Straughen (Straughen, Kirk. 2013. Origin of the Gods. Investigator. May, pp. 12-14.) in his otherwise excellent article, asked, "Why do people create gods?" Then, answering his own question, claimed that "the gods were born in an age without science. Nothing was known concerning the mechanisms of evolution responsible for the development  of the inorganic and organic world. People could only reason by faulty analogy"  (p. 13). He concluded "the facts" were that life came about "by blind and impersonal forces, and that Humanity is merely a happy accident of uncaring nature."

Having taught biology, biochemistry, anatomy, genetics, psychology, and other courses for over 40 years at the University of Toledo Medical College, Bowling Green State University, and other colleges, I have researched the issue of evolution for most of these 4+ decades.  My nine academic degrees include a Doctorate from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. The 1,026 college credit hours I have earned is the equivalent to almost 20 master's degrees. My work has been translated into 13 languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Arabic, and Swedish. My books, and books that include chapters that I have authored, are in over 2,400 college libraries in 65 countries. So far over 80,000 copies of the 60 books and monographs that I have authored, or co-authored, are in print.

In these books, and my 1,800 publications, I have documented all my findings, supporting my conclusions that evolution from molecules-to-man never happened and could never have happened. It is believed because, as one scientist concluded, the academic establishment, as I have carefully documented, will not allow the opposing view as much as a foot in the door. The fact is Darwinism had done an enormous amount of harm in Western society.