The One-Minute Darwinism Refuter

Jerry Bergman Ph.D.

(Investigator 207, 2022 November)

I have published almost 1,700 articles and 60 books documenting that evolution never occurred, and could never have occurred, in my over half-century study of this topic. I have found in speaking to over a thousand churches and schools that many people want, not a lifetime of reading, but rather a few soundbites of very powerful summarizations of facts to dispel the affront of evolution. With this goal in mind, I have written the following.

Evolution is often called Darwinism after the man, Charles Darwin, who converted the scientific world to an unscientific theory. Darwinism is here defined as the progression from molecules-to-cells, to bacteria-like life forms, to amphibians, to reptiles, to mammals, to primates, and, last, to humans purely by the accumulation of mutations which produce genetic variety. This genetic variety is selected by natural selection, a process often called survival-of-the-fittest. 

In short, modern Darwinism teaches that we, and all life, are the product of billions of events that cause damage to the genome called genetic mutations. These mutations are selected by natural selection, resulting in the situation where, due to the survival-of-the-fittest law, the fitter life forms are more likely to survive. These genetic damage events are caused by toxins, including dangerous radiation such as gamma and cosmic rays, and mutagenic chemicals.

The Big Problem with Darwinism
The major problem with this scenario is, close to 99 percent of all mutations are near neutral, deleterious (very harmful), or lethal. The evidence is clear: each new generation of humans contains many thousands of new mutations. Near neutral means they only cause slight damage, but the slight damage adds up in time, eventually causing genetic catastrophe, i.e. death. Each child has about 100 new mutations compared to his or her parents, and this child’s children have close to an additional 100 new mutations. Thus, the mutation number in humans is accumulating, eventually leading to mutational meltdown and extinction. The same mutational events in humans causes aging. Thus entire species age, as also do all life forms. Aging of species from dogs to humans eventually cause extinction.
The view that mutations are our creator, as most leading scientists favor, not God,  is a worldview that supports the idea that humans, and all life, are the result of billions of genetic damages by carcinogens and other poisons, not an intelligent creator. This view I consider not only irresponsible, but bluntly contrary to demonstrable fact.

This view is believed partly because in America the lower courts have, without exception, ruled that this view must be taught in all public schools as fact. Furthermore, information contrary to this worldview must not be taught because, the courts have ruled doing so is teaching back door religion, thus is unconstitutional. The only exception is the Supreme Court, which so far all lower courts have ignored. Opposition to Darwinism is widespread in the churches because, as has been well-documented, evolution is the doorway to atheism, the title of my new book.

This is all obvious, so why cannot evolutionists see this? The main reason is they see the world through evolutionary glasses, and cannot see it for what it really is. Because only Darwinism can be taught in our government schools, and secular scientists control most of the media and science book/journal publishing, most people in the Western world, even many people who call themselves Christians, accept evolution as fact. They often attempt to melt the two worldviews together into a position called theistic evolution, which actually consists of a very thin coat of theism pasted onto a solid body of Darwinism. This is all obvious, so why cannot evolutionists see this? The main reason is they see the world through evolutionary glasses, and cannot see it for what it really is.

Nothing Created Everything

Evolution tells us not only where we came from, but where we are going. The so-called Big Bang teaches us that the entire universe came from an extremely compact something called the primordial egg. The view held by leading astrophysics scientists such as Steven Hawking tells us, in short, for some unknown and unexplainable reason, the primordial egg “exploded.” From this point, for the first time ever in history, matter, energy, time, and space existed. In short, the “scientific” view is literally that nothing created everything, or from nothing came everything.

A now disproven theory postulated that this Big Bang expansion will slowly slow down and began to contract, producing the Big Crunch, which in time will blow up again, producing an endless series of Big Bang explosions and contractions. Thus, this endless series of events existed in the infinite past and will continue to occur into the infinite future. The discovery that the universes’ expansion rate does not slow up, but rather the rate of expansion is now increasing, arguing that the expansion will continue forever.

Evolution teaches that eventually the stars will burn out, destroying the planets and their moons, and the entire universe will consist of dust spread out to the degree that the universe will forever consist of a state very close to a vacuum. This state will exist forever, and never again will life or anything else exist anywhere. In short, evolution is a pessimistic, depressing worldview devoid of hope.

The creation story, conversely, tells us a very different account. It is an account of purpose, meaning and life eternal with a God who, in the beginning, created everything from nothing, and cares about us. He will not allow the pessimistic state of affairs envisioned by secular atheistic scientists to occur. The evidence for this Creator God is found everywhere in the natural world, both the physical and biological worlds.

In my church and school presentations, I document and explain this brief outline in more detail, using PowerPoint slides and both verbal and pictorial illustrations.