(Investigator 84, 2002 May)

A sensation of recent years is American "archaeologist" Ron Wyatt. Mr Wyatt is expert at discovering things that other archaeologists miss – Sodom and Gomorrah, Mount Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant, coins and chariot wheels from the Exodus period, the blood of Jesus, and Noah's Ark. He sells video-tapes of his discoveries and advertises on the Internet.

Joe Zias, Curator of Anthropology/Archaeology, Israel Antiquities Authority, says:

We are aware of his claims which border on the absurd as they have no scientific basis whatsoever nor have they ever been published in a professional journal. They fall in the category of trash… Furthermore, he has been thoroughly discredited by various Christian organizations such as Creation Research.

Investigator has published many articles about Creationism and Noah's Flood. So far the locations of the Flood or of the Ark have not been identified – this remains a challenge for defenders of the Bible. One useful conclusion on the Bible side is an analysis of Hebrew words showing that insects and other creepy-crawlies were not invited on board. (Investigator 49)  Hence creationists can ignore the embarrassing image of millions of beetle species – a column 200 kilometres long – marching toward the Ark.

Below are some portrayals of Noah's Ark:

  1. The Ark being built – Elementary Bible History. 1925. Concordia.
  2. Investigator No. 3 – elephant, man and whale relative to the Ark.
  3. Seventh Day Adventist portrayal of animals entering the Ark. (White, J.E. 1906. The Coming King. Signs of the Times Publications).
  4. Saunders, J. (Ed.) The People's Journal. Volume IV, 1848, p. 71.
  5. IMSI's Master Clips Collection.
  6. Source unknown

[Note: The pictures/portrayals are here omitted.]