(Investigator 66, 1999 May)

AIDS and ebola placed into vaccines now "infect men, women and children all over the world." Major recent hurricanes and earthquakes are man-produced, achieved by pouring energy into the ionosphere and into the ground. Fluoride in water makes people docile and suggestible. Legislation orchestrated by the "Papal Antichrist" to "Keep Sunday holy" is a preparation for worldwide union of church and state.

These are some of the claims listed in Countdown 2000 (February 1999) as evidence that the world now faces "sudden destruction."

The eight-page newsletter suggests "the turn of the century" for the "time of trouble" predicted in the Bible. Page 2 says: "January 31 334 days to go or are there?"

Readers are asked to imagine no electricity, no gas, no water and no medical services due to the 2YK computer problem or "millenial bug".

The author, Margaretha Tierney, says she is a former Seventh Day Adventist but not now a member of any denomination.

Reasons given in Countdown 2000 for accepting its predictions include:

A video presentation by archaeologist Ron Wyatt, for example, shows his discovery of the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant on Mount Moriah, the hole in which Christ's cross was positioned on Skull Hill, and a cave underneath with a crack in the ceiling and a black substance which is… Well, request the video and find out.With the end allegedly so close page 6 of Countdown 2000 warns that: "False prophets...are common place" and "doctrines of devils are rampant."