We Must Obey the Law in America

Jerry Bergman

(Investigator 132, 2010 May)

Separation of church and state court rulings in America are now often inconsistently applied. The court ruled in Cobb County, Georgia that stickers placed on biology books stating “evolution is a theory that should be critically examined” are unconstitutional because, the court ruled, such a statement supports religion. Of course, the court implied that removal of the stickers supports the opposite, irreligion, which is unconstitutional hostility toward religion, thus unconstitutionally favoring this view. Courts have ruled that it is illegal for the word “God” to be on a state seal, or posting the “Ten Commandments” on a government building. They have also prohibited audible prayer in public schools and in many public state functions.  

Since the government cannot in any way support religion, to be consistent, Government employees should not be paid to allow them to participate in Easter, Christmas and other celebrations that honor the God that the American government has eliminated from most areas of American public life.

Government paid religious holidays (a word meaning holy days) clearly supports religion, and are thus unconstitutional. Government workers should be required to work on Sundays (the day set aside by Christians for worshiping God) and all Christian holidays because American courts have consistently ruled that the state cannot support religion but must be neutral (therefore Sunday is just another day).  Mail should be delivered on Sunday and all Christian holidays including Christmas, Good Friday, Thanksgiving, and Easter. The Courts, the Senate, and the House of Representatives should also all be in session on these days. Billions of taxpayer dollars could be saved if all government employees would work on all paid Christian holidays.  No overtime would be allowed since these days would be like any other workdays.  

Another solution is either all religious holidays should be paid holidays or none should be. Otherwise, the state is favoring one religion (Christianity) over all others.  Better yet, paid time off should be given for all religious holidays, including Jewish holidays such as Hanukkah, the Jewish Sabbath (Saturday), Muslim holidays—Ramadan, Maharram, Navroz, Rabi'ul awwal (birthday of Muhammad), Shawwal, Dhu al Hijja; Buddhist holidays—Vesak, Magha Puja, Asalha Puja, Uposatha, Pavarana, Kathina, Anapanasati, Abhidhamma, and Bodhi, to name a few; Pagan holidays—Winter/Spring solstice, Imbolc, Beltaine, Samhain; and the holidays of all the rest of the worlds religions.  

Obviously, no nation can afford this solution, so we are back to where we begun, celebrating all Christian holidays and a few secular holidays supporting religion that the courts have ruled are in violation of consistent court rulings that the government cannot support religion.

This brings us to the question “Why are not the Muslim holy days celebrated and thus national holidays in America”? The reason is obvious: because America was founded as a Christian nation. Both our people’s heritage and laws reflect this fact. This fact should cause us to consider America’s history and culture and deal with the inconsistency of the past court decisions.