Church group
awaits apocalyptic flood

(Investigator 63, 1998 November
Reprinted courtesy of The Advertiser, 1998 May 27)

KINGSTON, Jamaica: Twenty-four Pentecostal Church members have quit their jobs and are living in their church waiting for an apocalyptic flood to destroy Jamaica.

Their pastor, the Reverend Wesley Knott, claims God plans to punish Jamaicans for their sins and that only the church building will survive.

"We will remain here because we were told to stay here, just like (God) told Noah to build an ark," Mr Knott said. In the Bible, Noah and his family survive a worldwide flood by building an ark – a huge boat. Mr Knott, 56, said he and his wife, Pauline, began seeing visions in October warning them of the flood.

Church members said most of the Congregation of 75 left the soon after Mr Knott's revelations.

The faithful who remain leave to go shopping and run errands, but spend most of their time praying

They have stored food, water, coal and oil and have bought bicycles for travelling when the waters subside. Mr Knott said he does not know when the flood will hit, but is prepared to wait years.