(Investigator 69, 1999 November)

Within "the next few years" – counting from 1982 – NATO was to disintegrate, Western Europe was to become Russia's ally, Egypt would collapse in civil war, Russia would invade Turkey, and Christ would return and defeat the Russians at Armageddon.

The full list, numbering 13 events, appeared on a large A3-sized card titled COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON given to this writer at the Woodville Christadelphian Hall in Adelaide on August 15, 1982.

The 13 events (plus extra details explained on the opposite side) were revealed to Christadelphians – it is alleged on the document – through "careful study of the Bible..."

Members of the Woodville Ecclesia informed the writer that Armageddon would occur one generation from the formation of modern Israel in 1948 and, they said, one generation is 40 years!

Each person I spoke with was adamant that "the next few years" therefore meant 6 years counting from 1982.

The writer was urged to fill in the date of his visit – 15/8/82 – and keep the document and tick each event as it occurred.

The writer dutifully followed the instruction and inserted the date and kept the document to tick off the events.

The Christadelphians explained that acceptance of Christadelphian beliefs was essential for salvation and for surviving Armageddon in 1988. The document says the same indirectly:

" are advised to investigate further before its too late."

The card is reproduced so that readers can count for themselves the number of events ticked off. The original is available for inspection.

A careful count reveals zero ticks – that despite the passing of the "few years" from 1982 to 1988 plus a further 11 years to 1999!

The 6th event listed – concerning American and British Commonwealth troops in Arabia – may seem at first sight to have occurred during the [1991] Gulf War. Nevertheless, it did not merit a tick because the Christadelphian prediction was that such troops would fight the Russians invading Israel and not the Iraqis invading Kuwait!


The following reproduces the wording on the front side of COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON


Iran becomes ally of Russia

NATO disintegrates

Western Europe becomes ally of Russia

The Sudan becomes ally of Russia

Egypt collapses into civil war

The USA and some British
Commonwealth nations place
troops on the Arabian Peninsula.


Russian forces invade Turkey

Turkey capitulates to Russia

Russian forces smash through Israel

Russia overruns Egypt

America and allies enter Israel

Russians turn back to Jerusalem to confront Israeli, American and Allied Forces


*(in no particular order)

The news headlines of tomorrow can be found in the Bible today. Careful study of the Bible reveals that events listed above must occur in the next few years. As each event occurs place a tick in the box alongside the event. When there are ticks in all of the boxes you will know that the Bible is what it claims to be – the Word of God. However, as Jesus Christ returns in the earth before stage 2 commences you are advised to investigate further before it’s too late.


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