(Investigator 19, 1991 July)

Enclosed with a letter from the Antichrist Information Centre were leaflets that offered:

The man behind A.I.C. is Dr Alberto R Rivera of "Chick Publications" who claims to be "a Roman Catholic Jesuit who was converted to Christianity".

The word "antichrist" occurs five times in the Bible – at 1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 7.

From these references it seems that antichrists:

In this sense the word resembles some other theological words which also refer to many individuals as well as to one in particular. e.g. Adam = Man; Devil = Accuser; Christ = Annointed. Also "saviour", "shepherd", "God", etc.

Interpreters build upon this basic information. They connect the concept of antichrist to other Bible concepts such as the "man of lawlessness", the number "666", the "beast", "Babylon the Great", etc, and come up with the Pope or Papacy, Napoleon, Hitler, the clergy, etc.

Many Fundamentalists believe that Antichrist is a religious politician who will soon rule most of the world. American prophetess Jeane Dixon claims Antichrist was born February 5 1962.

Recently, newspapers reported that a hit squad had been formed to hunt down the Antichrist in the Middle East and kill him.