(Investigator 26,1992 September)

An introductory brochure on The Unexplained [magazine] said:

"Where the scientists prefer to bury their heads in the sand and deny a phenomenon's existence because they cannot explain it, the available evidence will be presented so that you, the reader, can draw your own conclusions."

This jibe at science and scientists basically sets the course.
Most of the writers are not very skeptical. UFO claims, for example, are largely taken at face value. The account about the Knowles family who allegedly encountered a Flying Saucer on the Nullarbor Plain in January 1988 is presented in a matter-of-fact way lacking the skepticism of Investigator references to the topic. (Investigator 1, 5, & 6)

Similarly The Unexplained has suppressed the skeptical side in reports of poltergeists, past lives, ESP, fire-walking, communication with the dead, levitation, etc. How the Easter Island statues were set up is known to science but The Unexplained says: "it must have been by means not currently understood."

Occasionally the right attitude shines through. Issue No. 2 explains that when Skylab was falling from orbit in 1979 the Mind Science Foundation: "invited people known to have psychic power" to predict the date and location of the crash. We're informed: "virtually all were wrong."

Each issue of The Unexplained is organized into five sections: Mind Power; Strange Phenomena; Out of this World; Enigmas; New Horizons.