(Investigator 9, 1989 November)

The person thinks that a few minutes have passed and those few minutes are experienced as continuous. Later he finds out that hours had actually passed. Such "missing time" experiences are being connected to flying saucers.

Robert Stack's "Unsolved Mysteries" (on August 3, Channel 7) was about "missing time" experiences and about what the individuals revealed years later under hypnosis.

On the night of October 1, 1966 Robert Matthews was waiting in North Truro (USA—Cape Cod) for an Air Force truck to pick him up. He saw three round lights in the sky and then realized that 1½ hours had passed in what seemed like five minutes.

Under hypnosis Matthews described walking up a ramp and being examined by four space men. Matthews also remembered (without hypnosis) meeting a "green glowing figure" in his bed room when he was aged five.

"Unsolved Mysteries" gave several other examples. Kristina Florence, a dance composer of New York, claimed to have had 10 abduction experiences.

Bud Hopkins author of Missing Time (1981) and Abduction (1987) claimed a common feature of missing time/abduction cases was physical examination that included taking sperm and ova samples. This to Hopkins suggested an: "ongoing genetic experiment."

Psychologist Susan Fox stated that missing-time experiences were associated with a "history of gynecological physiological symptoms—ovarian cancer, ovarian cyst, removed or twisted fallopian tube..."

Alleged incidences of abduction by aliens now number hundreds.