By B Stett using news clippings sent by Brian De Kretser

(Investigator 135, 2010 November)

The headline "UFO HOLY GRAIL" filled almost half the front page of the NT News on August 31, 2010.

The report on page 2 by Annie Sanson featured "UFO-logist" Erik Black of Brisbane. Black had traveled the world for 30 years looking for alien space-craft and had finally found one — which flew straight over his head — at Humpty Doo (off the Arnhem Highway, SE of Darwin).

More sighting-stories, together with calls to make UFOs a tourist attraction and for Darwin to host a UFO convention, were reported in the NT News on September 1. Under the heading "Truth is up there" we learn of prominent "Top End" UFO spotter Alan Ferguson who was co-starring in a UFO documentary about sightings in the "UFO hotspot" of Wycliffe Well (situated between Alice Springs and Darwin).

Reporter Annie Sanson (September 4) reported that radio presenter Pete Davies was wondering whether the "Top End" could challenge Rosswell and become the "UFO capital of the world". She writes: "UFO pilgrims could soon be flocking to Darwin..."

Another September 4 report referred again to Erik Black and informed us that he had seen a "hamburger shaped" UFO at Humpty Doo.

UFOs were back on page 1 with the headline in huge letters "UFO CUT OFF MY CAR". (September 11) Morning-show presenter Leon Compton had opened the air waves to believers in UFOs to relate personal experiences. And experiences came in, some from decades previous. The woman whose car was "cut off" had seen "two figures inside this thing [the UFO]" in 1969 while driving to Alice Springs. The thing took off "surrounded by green, blue and red flames." Another person claimed he once saw a saucer actually land and it was "half the size of a football field."

NT News for September 17 reported on a survey that asked people what was most likely to be real — UFOs, Inpex (an energy company) or Yowies. Some 24% of 965 respondents opted for UFOs

Excitement continued with "Another UFO spotted" (NT News, September 20th). This latest was a "bright orange light" over the Timor Sea.

The surge in UFO interest in the Northern Territory is reminiscent of the "Ghosts in Darwin" (reported in Investigator #61). The "ghosts" made headlines and television news throughout Australia in 1998 and raised newspaper sales and maybe promoted tourism to Darwin.

Investigator Magazine had regular articles about UFOs for many years but they petered out because nothing to connect UFOs with alien life was ever proved. Britain's Ministry of Defence closed its UFO investigation unit in 2009. During 50 years of work it had found no proof of extraterrestrials or evidence of any threat to Britain and therefore the expense could no longer be justified.


(Investigator 137, 2011 March)

"UFO SPOTTED IN DARWIN". This headline dominated the front page of the NT News on December 27, 2010.

The report started off: "A UFO said to look like a top secret Area 51 government plane shown on You Tube was seen by a Darwin man…" The observer known only as "Brian" thought it was an airplane but moved to the UFO interpretation when there was no "roar of the engine" only a "humming".

For the NT News to report about an unnamed observer distinguishing a roar from a hum, smacks of desperation for something to publish.

More interesting was the December 20 story about a Mary Rodwell of the Australian Close Encounter Network.

Rodwell, a hypnotherapist for people with paranormal experiences, claims to know a dozen people in Australia's Northern Territory who encountered "non-human beings" and received bruises and scars.

The NT News seemingly has stories about UFOs almost every week. On October 22 there was UFO hunter, Alan Ferguson, saying "I'm seeing aliens again", and announcing his re-launched  website www.ufoterritory.com.au

On October 23 almost a full page, page 19, was used to announce "Something is out there…or is it?"  So, is it or isn't it?  The following page reported on "Globetrotting ghost hunters Julie Miller and Grant Osborne" from New Zealand who were "menaced" by a white light that kept pace with their car when they drove away from Tenant Creek.

On November 10 readers learned of Peter Khoury who claimed he was "abducted by two female aliens — a blonde and an Asian" and is scheduled to speak at the Wycliffe Well UFO conference planned for March 18-20. Khoury's abduction allegedly comes with "DNA-tested biological evidence" — a blonde hair.

Wycliffe Well is a holiday park 380km north of Alice Springs.

The NT News apparently has a batch of reporters who chase and write UFO stories — such as Alyssa Betts, Annie Sanson, David Wood, Judy Skatssoon, Caine Edwards, etc.

Despite this sustained effort, no evidence so far produced has attracted SETI scientists or government investigators.

A previous report about NT News UFO stories appeared in Investigator #135.