(Investigator 9, November 1989)

The magazine Simply Living (1989, Volume 3, No. 9) published a long anonymous letter to President Reagan about UFO cover-up.

In part it said:

"The UFO cover-up is not in a national security interest. It should be stopped, because it hurts military morale. Our group, Justice for Military Personnel (JMP), consists of retired military personnel who were affected by, or involved in different capacities with the UFO cover-up. Under orders of the CIA, in the 'interest of national security,' we took part in intentionally misleading the nation, manipulating the press, the courts and most politicians."

The letter went on to list the, "Crimes we committed under CIA pressure".

Then comes a long plea for the President to end the "insane CIA's cover-up".

The authors, JMP, claimed they must stay anonymous because: "the CIA has a clear policy of eliminating any insiders who may expose the UFO cover-up".

The letter was followed by a list of four addresses from which verification and documentation could be obtained.

Investigator wrote to three of the four addresses.

•    One came backed marked "Records Searched No Address On File."
•    The second got no response at all.
•    The recipient of the third letter, Major Keyhoe, was dead. However his former assistant replied by letter and included a clipping from the Washington Post.

Washington Post (Retyped) December 2, 1988

UFO Investigator, Author Donald E. Keyhoe, 91, Dies

Donald Edward Keyhoe, 91, a retired Marine Corps major and a former director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, died of pneumonia and cardiac arrest Nov. 29 at the Life Care Center in New Market, Va.

Mr. Keyhoe ... wrote two books about unidentified flying objects. "Flying Saucers Are Real" was published in 1950 and "Flying Saucers from Outer Space" was published in 1953.

As director of the committee, on which he worked from 1956 to 1969, he spent much of his time attempting to persuade the Air Force to investigate UFO sightings.

"We want the Air Force merely to end its secrecy on sightings and stop ridiculing competent witnesses," Mr. Keyhoe said in a 1966 article in The Washington Post. He said that his goal was to get the Air Force to support the committee's contentions that UFOs exist.

Mr. Keyhoe's organization went bankrupt and he retired in 1969, the same year the Air Force abandoned UFO research.

Mr. Keyhoe, a native of Ottumwa, Iowa, graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1919. He served in the Marine Corps for five years and attained the rank of major before retiring in 1923 as a result of a plane crash injury...