(Investigator 54, 1997 May)

"Do you want to hear more?" asked Colin Norris. Eighty in attendance shouted, "No!"

It was a 1959 tape of a Reverend from a mission on the N.E. coast of Papua speaking at a UFO conference in Adelaide about lights seen at the mission between April and July 1959.

The Reverend rambled on about times, travels, thoughts, intentions, dates, lights in the sky, altitudes, schedules, meals, etc. Verbatim quotes from numerous conversations and his own changes of mind such as, "I wasn't sure whether to go in May or September" and "I wrote the letter on Thursday intending to send it on Friday" were sprinkled with disclaimers such as, "It may not be accurate — it's all from memory."

After an hour of the tape the audience of the February meeting of The Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research Inc. began leaving. Then Mr Norris, Director and founder, switched the tape off. He said that he himself had given 780 lectures on flying saucers in 45 years.

32-year-old Malcolm Clarke spoke next. He prefixed every 5th sentence or so with the phrase, "The fact of the matter."

For example:
"The fact of the matter is the quality rather than the quantity [of UFO sightings] has changed over the years."
"The fact of the matter is I believe the phenomenon is tapping everyone on the shoulder. It will hit us so hard it will effect everyone on Earth."

Mr Clarke spoke about the accuracy in the construction of the Pyramids of Egypt and related this to flying saucers.

Next Stephen Lamont, the secretary and treasurer, spoke about TV programs The X-Files and Dark Skies. He said that while much is based on reality such programs contributed to the government's "disinformation process." He said the purpose of American bases in Australia such as Pine Gap is to monitor flying saucer activity.

The next speaker spoke on perpetual motion machines. He told of a wheel built in 1617 which rotated for months and lamented that this technology was ignored by physicists. He concluded, "We took a wrong turn in technology in the 17th century."

Mr Clarke then returned with more "facts of the matter." For example:
"We have only about 40 years of oxygen left on this planet."
"The technology of the Gulf war was probably 50 years old. There's government cover up. There are at present Earth colonies in Space."

Mr Morris concluded the meeting: "People on this planet who are called intelligences have control but we the people are waking up."

The Society's quarterly magazine AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL UFO FLYING SAUCER RESEARCH for February has an article titled Address by Bill Clinton to the Democratic Party Convention in Chicago August 27 1996. President Clinton allegedly said:

It is no secret that star ships have been circling our planet for thousands of years... The Elohim have been responsible for seeding human civilization ... and giving blueprints for making inter-dimensional star craft...
In recent decades thousands of American citizens have been abducted and others have been led to become cosmically enlightened... I am informed by direct ET sources that all the star people require is my signature on this piece of paper, welcoming the Elohim's intervention in our global affairs...
We had a very smart bunch of ancestors. They left their galactic knowledge in a time capsule... Our scientists have just retrieved that time capsule. It's called the crystal of Atlantis.

Bill Clinton's book Between Hope and History Meeting America's Challenges For The 21st Century (1996) makes no mention of Elohim, alien abduction, star- ships or Atlantis!

During coffee after the meeting I met two newcomers — Vivienne Tansell and Janette Ransome.

Ms Tansell said she's an esotericist, astrologer and spiritualist. Also: "I'm an artist. I paint and write. All my art has messages for humanity, messages of peace and liberty."

Ms Ransome said, "I saw something in the sky when I was a teenager. I came here to find the truth."

The annual membership fee of the A.I.U.F.O.F/S Inc. is $12. This includes a subscription to the magazine, access to a 380-book library about flying saucers, and access to a video library of about 100 films.