(Investigator 11, 1990 March)

Scottish-born Tom Wards of Melbourne advertises himself as an "internationally famous clairvoyant".

Mr Wards works out people's lucky numbers, has a problem and answer column in Australasian Post, and makes regular political and social predictions.

An Adelaide news report titled "Prince Charles will wed in 1979 – clairvoyant" (1978 December 28) contains proof of Tom's paranormal skill.

Prince Charles wedded in 1981 and not in 1979 – Tom was therefore wrong.

He was also wrong [in the same article] about "a flag at half mast at Buckingham", wrong about reintroduction of TV licenses, and wrong about the "Pope…killed by a sniper's bullet".

That's zero out of 4 = 0%

Tom is not always that bad. Investigator Number 4 estimated ten correct in one set of 130 predictions = 8%.

An Adelaide skeptic commented: "I don't understand how he keeps going when he's nearly always wrong."

What would happen if someone trusted the lucky numbers Tom supplied and lost all he had? A law student explained: "Tom couldn't be prosecuted because illegal contracts can't be enforced."

Tom Wards confidently proclaims that his success rate is 85%. Apparently arithmetic wasn't his best school subject.


Barbara Allatt

(Investigator 148, 2013 January)

I read the article regarding Tom Ward on your website and need to relate my stories.

In November, 1998 I had a Sunday appointment with Tom...the 29th at 3pm at the Koala Inn Hotel in Oxford Street Darlinghurst. My girlfriends were seeing him on the Saturday...1pm and 1.30pm respectively.

On the morning of the 28th November at 4am my sister died in a horrific house fire.  She was 38 yrs old.

I knew that my friend Leonie was seeing Tom at 1.30 so I rang her at 25 past. Before I could say a word Leonie spurted out to me that Marta had just seen Tom so she was heading in....but she said Tom has just told Marta that we are going to hear about the death of a 38 year old woman. Leonie said to me but we don’t know anyone that age. I then said that is why I am ringing sister has just died and Winsome is 38.

Now at the time I was still using my married name so Tom would not have known my single sister was using her single name.

The second story takes place in February 2002 at Kings Cross. I took a friend to see Tom. During my reading he said to me that I was going to be involved in the death of a woman aged 81 later in the year. I said I know no one who is ill. He also said that I was sailing into the Heads on a cruise liner....actually I was cruising out of the Heads on the Oriana. The QE2 was sailing into the heads. Now my Mother and I were booked on the Oriana but she wanted to sail on the I cancelled the Oriana and booked the QE2. My Mother was delighted.

In July of 2002 my Mother became ill. Three months later she died of cancer one month past her 81st birthday.

These three stories stick in my head and were foretold by Tom.

I also have solved mysteries by being given messages. My sister came to me in spirit one month before she passed away. We had not spoken to each other for 6 yrs and did not do so before she died, so seeing her spirit in my bedroom was a blessing.

I also identified the man who raped my daughter, purely by a police sketch in the local newspaper. He was wanted for rapes in another area, but I heard his voice talking to me saying that he raped my daughter. I rang the police and asked them to consider him also for my daughter’s case. They did and he was the man. I told them my story...they told me if not for me they would not have connected the cases.

[Is Tom's surname "Wards" or "Ward"? A search of Investigator's files found a "Special 1985 Liftout" from Australasian Post (January 3, 1985) listing Tom's predictions for 1985. On pages 29, 30, 34 and 35 the name is "Wards".]