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Submitted to the Hon. Christopher Pyne on 2nd May, 2014 who got the CSIRO to evaluate it

Frank Pio Russo


For a number of years I've been trialling a rain-making project which works despite only being rolled-out on a limited scale.

It started about December 2004, however the principle began flowing in my mind from 1980 when I bought this massive Phillips upright freezer. I noticed that whenever I thawed it out, i.e. defrosted it, there was strong storm activity in the days following.

In December 2004 I froze water in water-bottles under pressure, leaving only a space of about 10 percent for the water to expand to ice and thus pressurize the water bottles. On one of the first occasions on which I tried to naturally thaw the water bottles from about -20 degrees Celsius to about 2 degrees Celsius, I sucked a storm from Sydney to Adelaide. The picture of the storm was shown on the Dec 7th 2004 front page of The Advertiser. The centre of the storm was Campbelltown, which is close to my place in Paradise. On another occasion the Boxing Day Tsunami took place and I was rather disturbed by it. I was at the time in communication with ASIO and felt very stressed – so I abandoned the project.

I tried the project again early in 2009, telling The Advertiser in advance every time I was going to make it rain and I filled the reservoirs for about 2 years running.

Unfortunately the Labor Governments were not interested
all they seemed to be interested in, was expensive and unnecessary desalination plants. So I shelved the project and did not resurrect it till the Liberal Party came to power in Canberra in September 2013, with by now two new freezers.


Water is a very special substance in that it has a very high latent energy of fusion — every gram (1 c.c.) of water that melts, absorbs about 79.8 calories of heat. So one can create a low temperature area if one has a lot of water bottles (that have been pressurized and frozen) thaw out. With 6 freezers one could have about 500 litres of water frozen and by simply switching the freezers off and allowing the heat to be sucked in, one could absorb about 217,149,600 absolute joules, in having  the  water  go  from  about  -22 degrees Celsius to +2 degrees Celsius: that's about the equivalent of 60.3193 kilowatt hours of energy.

The reason for this is because every gram of ice that becomes liquid water absorbs about 79.8 calories as "latent energy of fusion", as well as one calorie for every degree that its temperature goes up by. This tends to cause a depression in temperature and gets the weather active. The lag-time from commencement of procedure to rain is about a week and depends on the availability of rain clouds in the sky that is "reachable".

By housing the frozen water in clear plastic bottles, the energy is not acquired "locally" but I would assume that the freezers would become "negative photon bombs" concentrating and storing the energy flow from afar!

At the moment I use an intensive burst of about 10 hours with the freezer doors open so as to start circulation flows and then let the water thaw more slowly with the doors closed. Eventually when the water gets to about +2 degrees and the ice is mostly thawed, I refreeze the water so that it's ready for a new cycle.


I suggest that I get paid a grant for my research from the Federal Government and also get hired as a "Principal Project Officer" perhaps with ASIO so as to keep the project "top secret" or with the Bureau of Meteorology or the Department of Environment. My son and confidant could become an assistant. All I would need would be a room with about 6 freezers and power-supply.


 Perhaps every ASIO agent could be equipped with a freezer so that they can all be synchronized to come in phase together, thus maximizing the response.

If the project is "declassified", we could even bring the public in on it with announcements to phase all the   'participants'   into   one action.

It could be a very attractive proposition for people to have a dedicated freezer — in case of a power-failure the water bottles can be used to 'save' their perishables for a couple of days. Furthermore it would ease their conscience to know that despite some of the polar ice melting we can do our little bit with our own bit of ice.

With Solar Panels, freezers can be cheap to run, plus they will be spending a lot of time in the "off" position.


Basically barometric pressure and isobars are only the "means of delivery" of the weather, and are a result of the Earth's spin. The real "mode of action" is "temperature fluxations"! And using my project one can "suck" in the clouds from afar and "harvest" them to produce rain.

Our agricultural sector will flourish and I see the whole of Australia becoming "wet" in the long term. Nevertheless I would like to express a word of caution: "Great knowledge brings great responsibility" and "we should not throw pearls before swine". In other words this knowledge is only for Australia and maybe in time for its Coalition partners.

P.S. (1) Ice is very special in that there are extra bonds that are not well understood even today. I like to call my project NNCF (Non Nuclear COLD FUSION): It is a cold process which involves ice and the latent energy of fusion.

P.S. (2) The weather has interrelated compensation cycles to keep our planet in good working order. As the atmosphere cools down steam condenses, and for every gram of steam that becomes liquid water, 540 calories are released to heat things up! Were things to get cooler still, 79.8 further calories are released for every gram of water that freezes thus heating things up even further.

The converse is also true. As things heat up on our planet, ice melts in compensation thus absorbing 79.8 calories per/gram to cool things down! And this is what we are especially interested in, in my project: the latent energy of fusion. Naturally, were things to heat even further liquid water would become steam thus taking up 540 calories per gram as latent heat.

P.S. (3) As far as global warming goes, because of decreased solar activity, the outer atmosphere is cooling down and this causes steam to condense into water thus bringing all this heat to our planet and causing ice to melt in compensation.