Harry Edwards

(Investigator 101, 2005 March)

Sydney TV featured a show on August 31, 2004, called Deal or No Deal in which the most successful of 26 psychics would be selected and given a chance to win $2,000,000.

Among the participants were astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, spiritualists and some who alleged that they spoke to guardian angels and the spirits. Among the latter, a deceased grandmother whose advice was never wrong!

The presenter asked the psychics five very elementary questions on the paranormal. By question five all but two had failed. Among those who failed – Simon Turnbull, the president of the Australian Psychics Association!

The 'psychic' selected was in fact a Reiki practitioner who claimed to be able to tell the contents of a sealed case by the vibrations given off.

Each of the 26 cases was held by a psychic and contained a card on which were printed varying amounts from 50 cents to $1,000,000. Having walked around the stage "feeling the vibrations" emanating from the cases the chosen psychic picked No 19 which she claimed contained the $2,000,000 card.

Each psychic was then asked in turn to nominate the amount in his or her case. Only two of the 25 guessed correctly.

Finally, a confident "super psychic" opened her case to reveal a card on which was printed – no not $2,000,000 but 50 Cents!

When one considers that all the participants earn their living by using their "psychic abilities" it's a sad indictment of the gullible who patronise them.

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