(Investigator 7, 1989 July)

A lot of psychics claim accuracy rates of 70% to 90%.

The psychic Investigator #3 reported on scored under 20%. Honest psychics would admit: "Almost nothing we foretell comes true."

The following is [retyped] from The Advertiser (SA) 1989 January 2

Tabloid psychics way off target in 1988

NEW YORK:  To hear America's taboid psychics tell it, 1989 will be an amazing year -- Fidel Castro will die in a hurricane, an Italian jetliner will crash into the Vatican and a UFO will land in Kansas.

But if such forecasts are to come true, the psychics will have to do a lot better in 1989 than they did last year when virtually nothing they predicted came to pass.

According to 10 top psychics polled by the National Enquirer, a tabloid read by millions, the following things were supposed to happen in 1988.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev would divorce his wife.
  • Queen Elizabeth would step down from the throne.
  • Princess Diana would give birth to Siamese twins and Parliament would debate which infant should be ranked higher in the order of succession to the throne.
  • Prehistoric dinosaur eggs would be hatched by scientists.
  • An electric microchip implanted in the brain would be discovered as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease  and 
  • Ten healthy babies would be born to a woman taking a fertility drug.
Only a few forecasts came even close to being true.

Denver psychic Lou Wright said Sarah Ferguson would have a baby, but his full prediction said the Duchess of York and Princess Diana would have babies on the same day, and that Fergie would have a boy. She had a girl.

Los Angeles Pschic Florence Vaty predicted an end to the Iran-Iraq war, but said the United States would force it to end.

National Examiner psychic-astrologer Belle Starr also forsaw an end to the Iran-Iraq war, but said it would come when millions of Iranians drowned themselves in the Gulf after a dying Ayatollah Khomeini ordered the entire nation to join him in the hereafter.