(Investigator 16, 1991 January)

In 1979 The Advertiser reported:
The Channel 9 Network is poised to bring out to Australia leading American psychic Dorothy Allison…

An interview with Mrs Allison will be featured on Channel 9’s excellent current affairs program 60 Minutes…

According to reporter Ray Martin, who interviewed Mrs Allison in the U.S. last month, she has led police to the bodies of 26 children and tracked down seven child murderers in two years.

About 300 American Police Forces have been aided by Mrs Allison in the past 10 years…

60 Minutes executive producer, Gerald Stone, contacted the SA Police Force last week and he said… "if the police feel Mrs Allison could help them regarding the Truro murders we will fly her to Australia." (May 7)

The preceding press report prompted the following letter dated (1989, July 15) to the Commissioner, SA Police:
Dear Sir,

The accompanying news clipping (The Advertiser 1979 May 7) reveals that the Australian police considered using the help of a "psychic" to solve crimes.

Could you answer two questions for me?

1.    What is the policy of the S. A. Police Force nowadays toward accepting help from psychics with alleged clairvoyant powers?
2.    Has any psychic ever played a decisive role in solving a crime in Australia (or in South Australia)?

Yours faithfully,

The following reply was received:

South Australia Police Department
Police Headquarters,
26th July, 1989.

I refer to your letter of 15th July, 1989 concerning psychics, and answer your questions as follows:

1.    The South Australian Police Department has no specific policy on the use of psychics and clairvoyants. All evidence received in an investigation is assessed and acted upon according to the circumstances of the case under review.

2.    We have no documented record of a psychic playing a decisive role in solving crime.

Yours faithfully,

Detective Chief Superintendent

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