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If you're feeling your age and want to grow younger you could try the exercises described by Peter Kelder in Ancient Secret Of The Fountain of Youth. (1989)

A two page advertisement in Australasian Post (1993, October 2, pp 16-17) says that old age can be reversed. Two pages in such a prestigious magazine could only be cost-effective because Kelder already had a reputation and knew people would respond. Indeed total sales of his book have been estimated elsewhere at 2 million!

The first page of the advertisement is reproduce below for your inspection. The second page has testimonies reporting "Younger Looking Skin", "Astounding Arthritis Relief", "Fat & Flab Vanish", "New Hair Growth", "Long Term Pain Relief", and "Increased Energy And Fitness" and all this achievable "in less than five minutes a day."

 Ancient Secret Of The Fountain of Youth claims that if you daily do five prescribed Tibetan exercises, that it calls "rites", you will:
The five Tibetan rites have been taught by trained instructors in workshops and on DVD but are actually very simple. To me animations of them in Wikipedia seem like ordinary warm-up exercises.

Kelder's book is a modernized and expanded version of his previous 32-page booklet The Eye of Revelation (1939). 

Kelder writes that he got the secret rites in California from a British army officer, Colonel Bradford, whom he met in a park.

The colonel had travelled to Tibet after his retirement and lived in a monastery where he transformed from a cane-using bent old man to tall and straight in the prime of life.

The exercises are claimed to be a form of ancient Tibetan Yoga 2500 years old. The book gives a sixth exercise which should only be performed by men who are virile: order to perform Rite Number Six it is absolutely necessary that a man have full masculine virility... It is absolutely impossible for an impotent man or the one with little virility to perform this Rite. He … should first practice the other five Rites until he has full masculine power, and this regardless of how young or how old he may be. Then when the first "full bloom of youth" is experienced within him, he may then go on to the business of being a SUPER­MAN.

Therefore for maximum benefit do just the five exercises initially until your virility returns and after that do the sixth to become a super-man.

Australasian Post (1993, October 2, p. 16)


Claims are made on some web pages of cancer, poor eyesight and wrinkles being cured, a prolapsed bladder restored to normal position, sinuses cleared, and people regressing in age by 30 years including change in hair-color. But no independent confirmations are supplied.

One person writes: "I walked into a new bank to cash a check and I had trouble with that because … I looked much younger than i.d. stated. I had to sit and wait until they could verify that I was truly me."

Of 103 reviews of Ancient Secret… on the Amazon Books website most are positive and supportive. 58% of the reviewers give it the maximum of 5 stars, 18% 4 stars and 10% 3 stars.
Many of the reviewers apparently judged the book on its clarity and simplicity, not on its scientific worth, and the majority appear not to have  done the exercises.

One reviewer who gave the book only 2 stars writes:

I have been practicing the five and the additional sixth rite for a year … twice a day 21 times and I have not noticed any change whatsoever. I do not look younger and I get sick as often as other people who do not do the rites.

He  queries  why  there  are  no pictures  of  Colonel  Bradford or of people  who  did  the rites and look 30 years younger than their age. He concludes the rites don't work but are "an easy way to make money" for Kelder and others who promote them.

If you want to try out the exercises but feel too skeptical to risk money by buying the book, you can download descriptions of the exercises for free from the Internet!


Little is known about Peter Kelder other than that he lived in California.

The Eye of Revelation was published 79 years ago. Therefore Kelder would now be aged well over 100 and likely deceased — unless he's been doing his six rites and remains virile.

However, if they truly produce miraculous results it would be strange, perhaps weirdly strange, that in 79 years medical science has not noticed or investigated their benefits, nor made the exercises part of standard advice given by doctors to patients!

Perhaps a regular daily brisk walk will produce results as good as whatever results claimed for the Tibetan rites are plausible. However, you lose little by trying them out.   


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