From: Investigator 72, 2000 May



Laboratory: 17 Hilltop Drive, Upper Sturt, S.A.
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P.O. Box 84, Upper Sturt, S.A. 5156.

Aims and Objectives of the Foundation:

(A) To Investigate the reality of the existence of paranormal phenomena not explicable in the light of current scientific knowledge, to try to ascertain the characteristic properties of such phenomena by the application of scientific methodology and to attempt to find scientific explanations for such phenomena.

(B) To promote research into paranormal phenomena by fostering co-operation between the Foundation and interested individuals at other research institutions, and through such co-operation to widen both the available effort and facilities,

(C) To render assistance to the members or the public with problems arising out of the real or perceived existence of paranormal phenomena.

(D) To disseminate information on paranormal phenomena through the publication of a newsletter and occasional monographs.

Investigations undertaken in the past include:

(1) Aura:

Following the ideas and suggestions of earlier investigators it was found that the human aura is not electromagnetic radiation (visible light, ultra-violet or infra-red); that psychics do not have extended vision frequency-wise or intensity-wise; that the aura is not due to detectable particles emitted from the skin absorbing or reflecting light; that the skin does, in fact, radiate visible light, however, that radiation is three orders of magnitude below the threshold of human vision. It seems that the aura is seen the same way as apparitions, the image being created by the mind and brain of the observer in response to extrasensory signals exchanged between the subject and the observer.

(2) Corona Discharge (Kirlian) Photography:

It was found that the spectra of corona discharges from inanimate objects and biological sources (including the fingers of normal and psychic subjects) are the same, and are almost solely due to nitrogen spectral lines predominantly in the ultra-violet region. Photography greatly distorts these spectra, yielding intriguing, often beautiful, but largely useless pictures. The many bright spots in some pictures are likely to be points of high conductance, and in the case of the human skin are suspected to be identical with acupuncture points. This needs confirmation. Attempts to replicate the phantom leaf effect were unsuccessful.

(3) Altered States of Consciousness:

Persons exhibiting psychic abilities usually do so while in an altered state of consciousness, often involving unconscious activities. The question arises whether physiological parameters change with the alteration of the state of consciousness. Investigated parameters included brain waves (EEG), muscle tension (EMG), heart signal (ECG), galvanic skin response (GSR) and respiration. It appears that the alteration of the state of consciousness is primarily a mental process affecting physiological parameters to a minor extent only. One notable exception was predominant delta waves in the brain wave spectrum of a trance medium.

(4) Biofeedback:

Parameters monitored while subjects were in altered states of consciousness were fed to the subjects in the form of light, sound, electric and magnetic fields in the hope of enhancing the altered state. These attempts yielded minimal results only. GSR feedback aiming at enhanced relaxation is probably the most successful biofeedback technique.

(5) Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis:

Extensive tests for Extrasensory Perception (Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Pre-cognition) and Psychokinesis were carried out mostly by electronic means. In the past 20 years only two persons were found able to produce statistically highly significant results under strictly controlled conditions in the field of Extrasensory Perception. All testing for Psychokinesis using piezoelectric crystals or random generators was negative, although spontaneous psychokinetic phenomena in the presence of psychics was observed in the laboratory a few times.

(6) Facilities: The Foundation possesses test facilities for the determination of the intensity and spectral distribution of very low level radiation (visible, ultra-violet, infra-red); facilities for the analysis of physiological signals, in particular the spectra of brain waves; facilities for the detection of physical parameters including electric and magnetic fields and also minute changes in temperature; electronic test facilities for Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis.

(7) Needs: The primary needs of the Foundation are psychic persons willing to undertake tests in the hope of securing more statistically significant and scientifically defensible results. Co-operation from hypnotherapists for attempts to enhance psychic abilities by hypnosis would be particularly welcome. There is also a need for new equipment, difficult to acquire as the cost for some items runs into tens of thousands of dollars.

Volunteers are invited to participate in tests for Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinetic abilities, or other experiments coming within the areas listed from (1) to (4) above. All experiments are run free of charge. For further discussion or appointment please ring 8370 8539, preferably Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, 9.00am to midnight.