(Investigator 162, 2015 May)

The Occultopedia website presents the supernatural and the paranormal — as does Investigator Magazine — but in addition we also get everything "occult and unexplained".

The home page says:

Occultopedia is the genuine article, the original and the best internet index of the extraordinary and uncanny, shamelessly copied by many, but never equaled. Online since 1995 … Occultopedia still is the principal online resource for those looking for the unexplained, the curious and the unusual.

The author, "Marcus", attended universities in Brazil and USA and "as a young man he spent a couple of years in the Amazon basin…"

A partial list of topics in Occultopedia:

Alchemy Culture
Good Luck Charms
Alternative Medicine
Ancient Mysteries
Demonology Hell
Angelical Beliefs Disasters Herbs
Angels Divination Heroes
Anomalies E.S.P. Hoaxes
Apparitions Egyptian Mysteries Hollow Earth
Area 51 Egyptology Hominids
Astrology End of the World Horoscopes
Bible Codes Enigmas Horror
Catastrophism Enochian Magic Human Origins
Chaos Esoterism Immortality
Cherubs ESP Inner Worlds
Chivalry Exorcism Juju, Macumba
Civilizations Extraordinary Karma
Clairvoyance Extraterrestrials Knights
Close Encounters Fakes, Impostors Legends
Consciousness Folk Legends Life after Death
Conspiracies Forces of Nature Logic
Creationism Forgeries Lore
Creatures Frauds, Deceptions Love Spells
Crusades Gemstones Magic
Cults Ghosts Magick
Martial Arts Philosophy Strange Animals
Marvels Pirates Supernatural
Men in Black Planetary Mysteries Syncretism
Metaphysics Poltergeists Taboos
Miracles, Stigmata Prophets Talismans
Missing Links Pseudoscience Tarot
Monsters Psychic Powers The Occult
Mummies Pyramids Theology
Mysteries Reincarnation Time
Mysteries of Mind Religious Mysteries Treasures
Mysterious Beings Robots UFOs
Mystic Satanism Underground Worlds
Mysticism Scams Underwater Mysteries
Mythology Science Unexplained
Myths Scientology Universe
Necromancy Scrying Unusual
Numerology Secret Societies Valhalla
Occult Sects, Religions Vampires
Omens Shipwrecks Voodoo, Zombies
Orders Sorcery Warlocks
Other Dimensions Space Warriors
Paganism Specters Weird Science
Palmistry Spells Werewolves
Past Lives Spiritism Wicca
Phantoms Spirits Wisdom
Pharaohs Spiritualism Witchcraft
Philadelphia Expt

Occultopedia describes many beliefs; has links to other websites; includes lists of books and references; and offers items for sale; but is short on skepticism and criticism:

Occultopedia does not promote or discredit beliefs and opinions about any of the topics encompassing the occult sciences and the paranormal, but only describes the rich variety of anomalous, unexplained, sometimes totally bizarre phenomena, and informs as for the meaning of the words and terms, providing clear definitions and understanding.

Occultopedia has a describing/defining/reporting agenda. Investigator in contrast publishes criticism and debates so that nothing of a seeming paranormal nature is endorsed unless it survives scrutiny.