(Investigator 39, 1994 November)

Numerous tabloid reports of Elvis Presley still alive are false. After reviewing autopsy and medical reports the Tennesee Health Department concluded:

"There is no basis to conclude that any person…made false statements on the death certificate of Elvis Presley." (The Advertiser, October 1)

Genetic tests show that Anna Anderson (1902-1984) who for over 50 years claimed to be the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, was an imposter. DNA from a tissue sample kept when Mrs Anderson had surgery in Virginia has been compared with DNA from skeletal remains of Tsar Nicholas and with a blood sample from Prince Philip a descendant. (The Advertiser 1994, August 20, p23)

Anna Anderson failed to prove her claim to royalty in European courts but continued her lies until she died. This provided the plot for the film Anastasia (1956) starring Ingrid Bergman.  

We haven't heard much about the Greenland monster reported in 1954:

Very Scaly Monster

A sea monster bigger than Scotland's Loch Ness Monster (said to be 50 ft. long) is terrorising fishermen near Lake Natsilik, Greenland.

The main fin on the monster's back is as big as the mainsail of a fair-sized yacht.

The monster lives in the lake, but sometimes roars out to sea through a narrow 20-mile channel.

Fishermen say it goes through the water with such force that rocks are thrown up on both sides of the channel…
(Sunday Mail 1954, August 21, p19)

Of hundreds of monsters worldwide a few, such as the Yeti and Loch Ness, become famous. Whether famous or not, either way their existence is never confirmed.

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