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Oliver A Mork

(Investigator 21, 1991 November)

The word paradise is from the Greek and literally means a "wall around" (Para – around & deiza – a wall). I believe there is a round wall preventing entrance into Paradise at this time – in fact, two of them.

Scattered throughout the Bible are many veiled references to Earth having a world of which we know nothing.

Description and the geographic location of this world may be found particularly in the first and last books of the Bible. In Scripture many strange places are mentioned such as Eden, Paradise, the Deep, the Pit, Tartarus, Sheol, Hades, Ends of the Earth, New Jerusalem, the Abyss, etc. No truly definitive location for most of these have ever been determined and, for that matter, whether they are allegorical or real.

I would like to suggest an answer: Most of these places seem to be lying in the general direction of DOWN rather than UP. Perhaps all these mysterious points of interest are located beneath our feet! What if all are located deep within Earth in huge caverns or within the inside of our hollow Earth? This would be a separate world with a shell of rock about 800 miles thick, with its own source of light and heat – a miniture sun providing for both.

This would be a whole interior world without snow, hurricanes or changing seasons, but one with a mild tropical climate and plants and animal life unknown here on the surface. Remember, Paul said: "Eye has not seen…" (The Bible 1 Corinthians chapter 1)

One of the first to be recorded as a believer in the hollow condition of the Earth was Edmund Halley, the astronomer who correctly predicted the orbital path of the comet named after him. He was also a good friend of Sir Isaac Newton.

Jules Verne, who predicted the submarine and the airplane long before they became a reality wrote a book called, "A Journey to the Centre of the Earth". Many independent individuals came out in favour of this theory, including the preacher, Cotton Mather and the Poet Edgar Allen Poe. There is also evidence that Adolf Hitler believed in the Inner Earth, and that he considered it the home of supermen.

There was a great deal of interest in polar exploration around the turn of the century. Even at the time there was doubt that the early pioneers like Peary, Cook and Admundsen actually reached the Poles. Admiral Richard E. Byrd was the most famous of all polar explorers, and it is claimed by some that he actually flew for a short distance inside the Earth at the South Pole in 1947 and 1956. Byrd did have the considerable backing of the U.S. Navy. Before his death in 1957 he is said on several occasions to have made remarks which were purposely enigmatic.

It is said that on one of his polar flights Byrd reported by radio that he was flying over a vast area covered with trees and with large animals moving through the forest. If he made this statement it was quickly censored. The October 1947 issue of "National Geographic" is almost entirely devoted to the Antarctic exploration of that year. It is filled with pictures of the armada of equipment put at the Admiral’s disposal. Helicopters, small planes and several Martin PBMs, similar but larger than the more famous Martin PRY flying boats, and a small aircraft carrier with Jato-bottle equipped DC3s. These navy designated Douglas R4Ds were outfitted with skis to land on the ice after jettisoning the wheels used to get them off the carrier, and there were a total of seven of them.

In an article written by the Admiral, the following is stated under "Into Mystery Land Beyond the Pole":  "It is one of the major objectives of the Navy to penetrate BEYOND THE POLE into that area of inaccessibility the most vast unknown remaining in the world."

When one speaks of "beyond the South Pole" the language is not entirely figurative. The Pole is, of course by definition the farthest south possible to reach, but hardly is a midway point toward what now must be the goal of Antarctic exploration – the interior of those millions of square miles which no eye has seen.

One of the pictures shows Byrd reporting to his immediate superior, Secretary of the Navy, James V. Forrestal. The Navy Secretary must have known everything that Byrd did and a few years later jumped (some say he was pushed) to his death from a window of the infamous hospital at Bethesda, Maryland (USA).

Rear Admiral Byrd was popular with press and is supposed to have once said to reporters: "the poles should be fortified against attack." When asked against what he did not answer. On another occasion Byrd is reported to have suggested that Antarctica would be a good place to test hydrogen bombs. Almost immediately after this was published swarms of UFOs flew over Washingtom D.C., and were seen by thousands of people. These flights around the Capital buildings continued for several days and must have convinced Congress that the testing of hydrogen bombs in the Antarctic was not a good idea. Whatever knowledge the famous explorer had died with him.

This planet is actually a gigantic space ship whirling through eternity. If you were invited to take a journey on a space satellite, where would you choose to sit, on the unprotected outside, or the comfortable and safe inside?

Most people find it hard to believe that top government officials, the highest echeon of scientists, and NASA could all be lying to us. The authorities are careful as to what the public sees of satellite views of the planets, and especially of Earth. The reason is that all planets have polar openings that show them to be hollow shells.

Have you ever wondered why legend has Santa Claus (alias the skygod, Zeus) coming from out of the far North? It would seem to be a miserable place for a toy factory – unless you understand that there is no North Pole but only an opening which, hundreds of miles across, leads to the warm and cozy interior of the planet.

Before you say this is all totally wrong, let me ask if you have ever been to either of the Poles. Are you able to verify that both places are solid ice? Commercial airlines give a wide margin to the North Pole in their flights to Europe!

According to Genesis 1 God said "Let there be light" and there was light, but only inside the revolving Earth. It was still dark on the outside. The reference here is to a single light, a small sun in the centre of the vast void in the centre. In verse 6 God said; "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters to divide the waters." The waters BELOW the firmament are divided from those ABOVE the firmament. Checking our dictionaries, we find the word firm means solid, unbending, unyielding. The other half of the word, also from the Latin, means to make solid, hard, as the word cement implies. In verse 8 God calls the firmament "heaven", which has as one of its meanings a "covering" or "vault". The shell that is Earth itself was intended as a gigantic covering – a tent or house – for a managerie of wild life, mankind and the Gods.

In Genesis 2 we learn that though rain hadn't fallen on Earth, the ground had been moistened by a mist. In verse 10, Scripture states that a river rose up to water Eden, after which it parted to become four rivers. With only a mist rising from the ground to provide moisture for plants, it is difficult to understand how a river could issue from a single source and irrigate four river valleys. Bible students have never been able to trace the course of these rivers, and their excuse is that the Flood changed everything.

One possible explanation is that there are no oceans inside the Earth, only fresh water rivers and lakes. The source of their fresh water would have to be the oceans – the salt content being removed along the way. If salt can be removed by a very thin, permeable membrane, surely 800 or more miles of sand and rock can accomplish the same thing! This cycle would be completed by rivers flowing out of the Earth at the poles and freezing into glaciers as they moved through the curved opening and to the outside world where they fall into the oceans as icebergs.

Adam's offspring were sheltered in the mild interior of the planet, away from the harmful rays of the outside sun and this accounts for their long life spans of many hundreds of years.

The Flood (Genesis 6-9) occurred when the "windows of heaven" opened up and the polar icecaps melted and flooded back inside the Earth through the openings. People on the outside Earth may not have noticed anything unusual such as a rising or lowering of the ocean levels. Noah's Ark could now float free and drift out through the north polar egress and a year later wind up in the east coast of the Mediteranian Sea.

The many nations on the surface of the Earth were unaware of the turmoil inside the Earth, a few earthquakes perhaps, but little else. The Pyramids of Egypt were already old by then and ware surrounded by a thriving civilization which did not even record the Flood.

Some religious groups try to get round this contradiction in the Bible and secular chronology by claiming the Flood was a local matter. If, however, it were merely local, Noah need not have gone to the considerable trouble of constructing a huge Ark!

Adam was not the progenitor of all of the members of the human race. Chapter 1 of Genesis is a description of the creation of all of the various races of man over a long period of time, after which God "rested". The story of Adam and Eve in chapter 2 is not a recap of chapter 1 but an entirely separate account of events that occurred thousands of years later in the Earth's interior.

The world Noah entered after the Flood was radically different to the one he left!

(Condensed with permission from: A DIFFERENT VIEW OF PARADISE AND ITS LOCATION)


(Investigator 21, 1991 November)

A strong piece of evidence in the previous article for the hollowness of Earth is that the North Pole would be too cold for Santa's workshop. This supposedly implied that Santa Claus entered into a warm hollow Earth through a large opening hundreds of kilometres wide.

I arranged for a letter on this topic to be sent to Father Xmas:

Arctic Circle
96930 Rovaniemi

In an article in The Advertiser (1990 Dec. 22 p. 65) it was stated: "about half a million letters arrive for Santa Claus each year and he answers every one." The author of the article actually met Santa and concluded: "There may be many pretenders but there was no doubt this was Santa." 

The author also demolished a commonly believed myth: "the story of elvish helpers was a myth: Santa's assistant was a charming girl in a matching red outfit."

Unfortunately the important letter I arranged – a reply to which might have settled the Hollow Earth debate – hasn't yet been answered. Let's therefore turn to other evidence.

In National Geographic (1983 October) Sir Ranulph Fiennes described an expedition which included both the North Pole and the South Pole. No hole to the centre of the Earth was observed in either Pole!

Was the Garden of Eden underground? On the contrary the Bible places Eden "in the east" somewhere past the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. (Genesis 2:8-14)  Eden is therefore no evidence for a hollow Earth.

Scientists can study the interior of the Earth directly to a depth of 12 kilometres by drilling. (New Scientist 1965 April 10 p. 23)

Volcanoes are proof of molten material at deeper depths. The interior of Earth is studied via changes in velocity of different sorts of seismic waves which accompany earthquakes and nuclear explosions and measured at 3000 surface monitoring stations.,

Scientific research of the 1970s and 1980s suggests that Continental Drift, sea floor spreading and mountain building are consequences of upwelling of molten material in the Earth's mantle – which means Earth can't be hollow.