(Investigator 5, 1989 March)

Can any reader of Investigator provide an update on The Flat Earth Society?

Flat Earthers are known to be at odds with Hollow Earthers. It is vital to our UFO investigations that the debate be resolved. This is because an important school of thought locates the origin of the UFOs as the interior of our hollow Earth.

President                          Organizing Secretary:
W. MILLS,                          S. SHENTON,
7 Vale Grove                     22 London Road,
Finsbury Park, N.4.             Dover.

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The International Flat Earth Society has been established to prove by sound reasoning and factual evidence that the present accepted theory, that the Earth is a globe spinning on its axis every 24 hours and at the same time describing an orbit round the Sun at a Speed of 66,000 m.p.h., is contrary to all experience and sound commonsense.

In ancient times the Earth was regarded as plane, and this is expressed in all literature up to a few hundreds of years ago. The theory has fallen into disfavour, owing mainly to the dogmatism of modern science and popular education in schools, which leads to prejudice in favour of the globular theory from the start.

It is always a pity to allow false theories to pass unchallenged, and it is hoped that the Flat Earth Society will do much to undo the harm that has been caused. 

Remember that the truth of the plane figure of the Earth can be shown by irrefutable evidence, and anyone who is interested in becoming a member is asked to contact the President or the Organising Secretary. In future, it is hoped to hold regular meetings of the Society.

December 20TH, 1956.

Flat Earth Society

(Investigator 144, 2012 May)

I came across the Flat Earth Society web site:

They appear to be serious (then again, it could be an elaborate hoax). I thought I'd see if the editor of the site would be willing to submit an article on the basis that it would prove interesting.

A copy of my email to him appears below:

To: daniel@theflatearthsociety.org

Dear Daniel,

I came across your website and note that on your Flat Earth Wiki that: "Throughout the years it has become a duty of each Flat Earth Society member, to meet the common Round Earther in the open, avowed, and unyielding rebellion; to declare that his reign of error and confusion is over; and that henceforth, like a falling dynasty, he must shrink and disappear, leaving the throne and the kingdom of science and philosophy to those awakening intellects whose numbers are constantly increasing, and whose march is rapid and irresistible."

I was wondering if you would be willing to contribute an article to Investigator outlining your ideas on the shape of the Earth. Investigator is a magazine that examines the supernatural, the paranormal and other beliefs that, broadly speaking, can be considered 'alternative' in that they are not generally accepted by mainstream science. The publication provides a forum for believers and skeptics. It offers a fair opportunity to debate issues, and therefore would provide a means for you to promote the aims of your society…

Investigator is always looking for articles on interesting ideas, and I'm sure the editor would consider publishing your submission on the shape of the world. I'm sure it would prove enlightening and also engender vigorous debate, which helps keep the magazine dynamic.

Kirk Straughen