(Investigator 211 2023 July)

[The author of the following refers to "videos" which accompanied the printed handout. These are not available  from Investigator.]

Introduction to the SCENTIFIC FACTS (not theories) shared in the videos.

2,000 years ago, on that far-off Sunday morning, the two women who went to the tomb of Jesus saw it empty and the angel told them that Jesus had risen from the dead. The news spread fast among the first disciples and there was great joy. Then the rulers (the 'government') fiercely persecuted those that believed. The same persecution is going on in some countries but not here as the people here generally ignore the message that Christ arose from the dead.

Now, since around 2014 and across the world, God has granted another discovery and the number of people that know has grown and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. Recently an Internet survey showed that 40% of people answering the survey believed this new discovery. I saw it myself sometime around 2007 but did not realize the significance of what I saw. In 2016 I realized it when I heard of the discovery. Here is what I saw in 2007:

I was on a farm and looking with binoculars when I saw single storey buildings of the township 18 miles away. I thought nothing of it until 2016 when I encountered some of the things in the videos which come with the present introductory page. I understand, now, that those buildings, as I viewed them from above the tree-line, should have been 160 feet below the horizon due to the curvature of the earth as we are taught from cradle to grave. They were not!

So the earth is FLAT between my friend's farm and the township 18 miles away. I haven't checked anywhere else; but reports are now coming from all over the world, that the earth is flat. And you will see from these videos that people are not silly who make the reports.

Then I learned to give a good answer to people who ask me, "So, do you believe the earth is flat?" My answer to every such enquirer (and to every mocker) is this:

“No, no, no, I do not believe the earth is flat; I KNOW the earth is flat between the township of Wudinna in South Australia and a farm 18 miles away, for I saw the full height of buildings in the town. I can't say the earth is flat in the opposite direction as I haven't checked. So, of myself, I can't say the whole earth is flat.But I have learned by many reports (from intelligent people using lenses 10 times more powerful than my binoculars) coming from various parts of the world that the earth has been observed to be flat every time. This led me to look in the Bible and find hundreds of verse (which I had overlooked) supporting this discovery of the flat earth.

Begin by watching the first 45 minutes of the first video in the series. After that, you can decide whether to see more of the evidence in the same video and the videos that follow. As a Christian (if you are a Christian) you are NOT obligated to tell anyone what you discovered. But one day you might feel ready to offer a copy of this introduction and the links to the videos, and say to a friend that you are interested to hear what your friend would think about the facts in the video (your best friends might HATE you). However, you are advised NOT to say anything about this to anyone — not until after you have seen all the videos AND you have given very careful consideration to what you would say when introducing this subject. You may give a copy of this page by way of introduction, and give a list of the web links (which are easy to find on the Internet), beginning with https ://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=UYYcz9th 1ew

The preacher in that video shows Bible passages about the observable evidence. But in a small part of the video he refers to the Book of Enoch which we cannot trust. The Book of Enoch is mentioned in the Bible but is not part of the Bible and so we cannot be sure that the Book of Enoch that we have today is accurate. Suggestion: don't listen to the small parts where he quotes the Book of Enoch on the shape of the earth (the Bible is sufficient; AND I saw the flatness; AND there is a growing number of reports from many countries). He also said that our Bible has a mistranslation, “planets”; but that is not a mistake, for planets are wandering stars.