(Investigator 5, 1989 March)

Incredible myths are developing around the supposed influence of crystals.

Crystals are appearing in surgeries, offices, markets, and on actress Shirley Maclaine's ears and hands (in Time magazine). The energizing, psychic, and healing powers of crystals are creating a craze comparable to Pyramid Power and UFOs.

New Agers talk of vibrations transmitted through crystals from the spiritual realm. This is apparently somehow analogous to the use of quartz crystals in electronics to control the frequency in oscillators. Some Christians fear that crystals transmit "demonic power". Other Christians deny such "direct transmission" but believe in a sort of indirect transmission:

"Demonic energy can work through people's belief in magical objects. As was the case with pyramids several years ago, when people associate crystals with an occult understanding of universal energy and place faith in them for healing or other desired ends, with their free wills they are opening up a door for demonic intrusion and deception. No doubt Satan is willing to provide phenomena to reinforce a false belief concerning the universe and God."  (The Gospel Truth, May 1988, Volume1, No.2)
Naren King, 29 of Sydney has cashed in on the crystal craze. He imports 20 tons annually for his Crystalight showroom in Sydney.

To Women’s Day (1987 September 14) he explained:

"It's said that the history of crystals goes back to the lost continents of Atlantis and Leumeria, and that every person who is now attracted to their energy once lived in Atlantis and used them in a past life. According to the legend, crystals were used in these mythical times to store power for lighting and transport.

They were also used for healing, and communicating telepathically." 

Quartz crystals come in different shades. Clear quartz supposedly enhances psychic gifts; Amethyst quartz heals; Rose quartz teaches love; and "Smoky quartz stimulates the life force".

Demons; the spiritual realm; Atlantis; Leumeria; re-incarnation; telepathy; psychic gifts; miraculous healing. A mighty mix-up of paranormal claims has crystallised itself in crystals!

Skeptics regard it as a jumbled pile of claptrap of which little has passed scientific inquiry.

Lawrence Eddie, a psychologist and skeptic of Adelaide, said:

"It's an old idea that’s been revived. It's connected to ideas about cosmic consciousness, alchemy and old time medicine. But there’s nothing in it.

"Crystals used to be ground up – different colors for different sicknesses. Green crystals were taken for sick stomachs. Nowadays it’s known that crystals have electrical potentials. Some people take this a stop further and assume that crystals have magical powers as well. But its not based on science."

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