(Investigator 45, 1995 November)

Astronomers and physicists are virtually certain that the laws of physics make travel between stars by flying saucers impossible. Therefore UFOs are something to do with Earth and humans and not with alien civilizations.

Therefore, what about that recent film showing an autopsy of an alien whose saucer crashed at Roswell in New Mexico in 1947?

The "Roswell Incident" was a crashed weather balloon exaggerated by imaginative believers into an alien saucer, alien bodies and government cover up.

Apparently the first picture of a Roswell alien appeared in Wiesbaden Tagenblatt 1950 April 1 as an April Fool hoax.

And speaking of hoax: The world's most famous professional hoaxer of recent decades is probably Alan Abel (born c.1930). Abel averages two major hoaxes per year.

In 1989 Abel connived with Moscow students to fool Tass the Russian news agency. A balloon emitting smoke and sound, a circular depression, a man in silver mask appearing to school kids. That's all it took.

From 1959 to 1964 Abel hoaxed multitudes with his "Society for Indecency to Naked Animals" which advocated clothing for animals. (See Investigator 34) Another hoax was to get 12 accomplices to faint one at a time at a Donahue talk show when the microphone came near. Another time Abel advertised a symphony orchestra composed of dogs and actually got calls to book performances. Also there was his Omar School For Beggars with lectures on begging professionally.

A report in The Australian Magazine 1990 March 31-April 1 quoted Abel's plan to hoax us by Landing a Martian: "It's going to happen in a small town." He added that the local doctor, policeman and psychologist will "sight the spaceship."

A new era of vastly improved photographic hoax is also opening up.

Cheap digital technology is becoming widely available. Computers can manipulate images and pictures changed to pixels or digital picture elements and anything can be added, subtracted or changed. Perfect fictitious images can be produced with a CD-ROM machine or a scanner plus image manipulation software. Once stored in digital form the original negative can be destroyed so that hoax cannot be proven. Negatives of photos are difficult to alter undetectably but digital images are easy.

In future therefore we can anticipate great photographic "proof" of everything from angels and aliens to ghosts, monsters and whatever.

Not just individual photos but film footage can also lie. Hollywood provides fantasy on screen all the time. The Roswell autopsy film cannot be dated to 1947. And the "alien" looked almost human although supposedly a product of evolution on another planet! Strange that they have technology to cross light years and yet crash in New Mexico!

Since I don't have inside information I can't say that Mr Abel of New York is behind the autopsy hoax. Someone, somewhere, however, is!

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