Laurie Eddie

(Investigator 35, 1994 March)

On Monday 29th November, 1993, Athena Starwoman was interviewed on, A CURRENT AFFAIR. At that time the announcer said of her, that her fans claim she has got an amazing gift of predicting the future with deadly accuracy.

Starwoman then made the following predictions:-

Commentator: He will face a trial, maybe two, (1) over allegations that he molested a thirteen year old boy.
Athena: He's totally destroyed by this.(2) I don't think Michael Jackson will ever be the same again,(3) and I think he is likely to be found guilty.(4) I see suicide,(5) I see institutions(6) and I see no way out.

I say she will have another husband,(7) she will gradually be eased out of the Royal circles,(8) because she is too unstable.(9) They don't really want her in the Royal Family any more.

I see possibly a girl and a man.(10) I think that there is going to be a big breakthrough at the end of January, the beginning of February next year.(11)
If anyone is going to do it Bronwyn will do it.(12) Not much will stop her,(l3) she'll do it. She is a very powerful individual and she is personally the message and the mission.

I would like you to consider leaving making any long-term commitments until after June, it's only six months away, because there are still a few unusual influences between now and then, unless this person happens to be incredibly sensitive and very broad in their be¬lief, understanding and compassion; almost like a spiritual type person who can deal with it because if they've got insecurities and you are going through your changes, they will feel you are rejecting them and there will be lots of difficult times in the relationship.(14)


(1) Michael Jackson is already facing trial on allegations of sexual molestation of one male. It has been widely reported in the media that there are several other youngsters who are also likely to make official complaints of similar charges.

(2) There would be few people not aware of the effect that these allegations have had upon Michael Jackson, canceled concerts, and flight from the media and public, claiming that he is seeking medical treatment for claimed drug dependence.

(3) We all change from day-to-day, so no-one, will ever be the same again. Given the severi¬ty of the charges it is likely that they will have a profound effect upon him, so certainly he will never be the same again.

 (4) Interestingly Athena is not prepared to say straight out that MJ will be found guilty. Given the claims against him, there is a high degree of probability that even if he is found not-guilty of the present charges, that he is certainly, likely to be found guilty on later charges.

(5) At last a definite claim, or is it? She is not saying that MJ will commit suicide in 1994; look closely at what she says, it is so general that if MJ even considers the possibility of suicide, and who wouldn't in his situation, then she is correct.

(6) At last she gets one right. But then when MJ is finally brought back to America and officially charged, it will be done at a police-station, which is a type of law-enforcement institution, so how can she fail to be wrong on this claim?

(7) Notice she does not say that Dianne will remarry in 1994, only that, she will have anoth¬er husband.

(8) One only has to consult the pages of New Idea, Women's Weekly, etc. to see that there is a cooling of relations with the royals and that they are pushing her aside somewhat.

(9) Given her admitted problems with bulemia and anorexia, it would be stupid to claim that she was not an unstable person. But then do you know anyone who could not be described as un¬stable in some way?

(10) She sees, possibly a girl and a man. That more or less covers all the eventualities, in¬cluding a hermaphroditic ET from Alpha-Centauri.

(11) Finally, I think that there is going to be a big breakthrough at the end of January, the begin¬ning of February next year. She does not define what she means by "a big break", it could be anything. However, given that we have now passed the end of January, and the beginning of February, without any new revelations, how valid was this prediction?

(12) Let's be realistic, do you know of any other female politician who has a greater chance of becoming the Prime Minister than BB?

(13) Anyone who has seen her in operation on television would agree with this statement.

(14) What is Athena Starwoman actually saying here? She is carefully placing a two-way bet. If JF marries before June next year, he might have problems with his partner, unless she is an exceptional person. Now ask yourself would any new husband dare say that his wife is anything less than special and exceptional? It would be strange if they did not have problems, every newly-married couple does. Have you ever known a woman who has never felt that her husband has rejected her in some way?

On the other hand, if things work out, as they normally do for the first few years, then Athena can say, Aha, I told you so. They are working because his wife is an exceptional person.

The other point is that Athena never makes any definite statements, she usually prefaces her claims by saying, "I think..." This phrase allows her a possible disclaimer. She can always claim later that, since she merely had an impression, or feeling, and that since feelings are so subjective, they can easily be misinterpreted, perhaps she gave the wrong interpretation of that feeling.

So what are we left with? Nothing but a list of empty claims.