(Investigator 13, 1990 July)
Astrology is a study of the alleged influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars in different relative positions, on people and human destiny.

Astrology began in ancient Babylonia where the priests taught that gods lived on the moon, stars, and planets.

Astrology faded after 1700 when the science of astronomy refuted it. By 1900 astrology was something for gullible old ladies. After World War One came resurgence and now 25% of all people take it seriously.

Virtually every astrology prediction for 1984 in the news clipping below failed. The two things from the stars and planets that might hypothetically influence us – gravity and radiation – measure less than the radiation and gravity of household objects in our homes.

Relative positions of planets and stars therefore have no influence on human destiny and astrology has to be bunk.

Military oblivion a threat in 1984, say astrologers

(The Advertiser, 1983, December 31)

The world is threatened with military ,oblivion in 1984, the Red Army will seize power in Moscow, President Reagan and his wife, Nancy, face assassination and the Princess of Wales will have another baby…

Astrologer Jeane Dixon takes a possibly more realistic view of the political future for 1984.

She says a lunatic will try to launch a suicide attack on the White House and warns Administration officials to toughen security measures…

The sensation-seeking Star Weekly magazine announced that a total closure of Eastern Bloc borders would make it impossible for Pope John Paul to return to his Polish homeland.

But the Pope's problems do not end there. A gullible young assassin, guided by terrorists, will try to kill him at the end of the next summer, the Star says.

A glance down the Star’s list of lesser happenings for 1984 shows that the Red Army will take power in the Soviet Union while Cuban leader Fidel Castro will occupy two Caribbean islands as a base from which to grab Venezuela’s oil wealth…

Smirkers look to last year's flurry of predictions for 1983, which had Mrs Ghandi on her death-bed, a rapprochement between Moscow and Washington, the death of Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini and a romance between screen actress Elizabeth Taylor and Prince Rainier of Monaco.

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