(Investigator  211, 2023 July)

The Andreasson Affair is probably one of the most comprehensively documented stories about encounters with alien beings. Just after dusk on January 25, 1967, the lights in the Andreasson household began to flicker and went out. A pulsating pink glow lit the interior of the house, four shadowy figures passed by the kitchen window and came through the closed door.

Betty Andreasson and her daughter were having what has come to be known in UFO parlance as a Close Encounter of the Third Kind. Ten years passed before Mrs. Betty Andreasson plucked up courage to tell about her bizarre experience, then under hypnosis, and after a 12 month scientific investigation, she detailed how she was taken on board an alien space ship, told to undress, and to put on a white garment not dissimilar to the gown worn by patients made ready for an operation.

On an elongated table with a control panel on the side in what Betty described as an operating theatre, the aliens stuck long thin silver needles up her left nostril, into her navel and into her head removing a tiny silver ball from her brain. Then while seated on a plastic chair enshrouded in a translucent canopy, tubes were put up her nose and in her mouth and the sealed enclosure filled with a grayish coloured liquid. During her immersion Betty felt that she was being transported somewhere and that the tank-like apparatus had somehow shielded her. Her intuition turned out to be correct, the spacecraft had taken off, landed, and linked itself to an alien realm. She tells how she was taken from the flying saucer and describes the buildings, flora and strange inhabitants she sees, finally ending up before a huge eagle that glows red hot then turns into a pile of ashes. Hearing what she believes to be the voice of God, she is told that she has been chosen because of her Christian faith and will be returned to Earth.

Under hypnosis Betty reveals the warnings and predictions made by the aliens and her story is subjected to one of the most intensive investigations ever made.

As more and more of these strange cases come to light it becomes increasingly difficult to dismiss them all as flights of fancy.


There is no relation between the number of people who believe or who make a claim and fact - millions once believed the world to be flat.

Sceptics may dismiss the entire affair as a complex psychological drama or an intense religious experience. See also under George Adamski and Betty and Barney Hill.

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