From: The Evening News, 1978 February 28

Bomber vanishes in Triangle of Death

From JEFFREY BLYTH in New York

AN American bomber has vanished in the notorious Bermuda Triangle.

It disappeared from radar screens while flying in the Triangle that is said to have swallowed up 140 ships and planes claiming more than 1,000 lives.

The U.S. Navy KA-6 bomber was near the spot off Florida where five planes vanished in 1945 followed by the disappearance of the flying boat that went to look for them.

Pilot Paul Smyth's last words were: "Wait a minute ... we have a problem."

Seconds later the U.S. aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy lost contact with the plane. A radar operator said: "It vanished with just a flash."

Ships and planes searching the triangle off the Florida coast have failed to find any traces of the KA-6 bomber or its two-man crew.

Smyth and his navigator Lieut. Richard Leonard were flying from Virginia to the John F. Kennedy which was on patrol 100 miles off the U.S. coast.

At the time the sky was overcast, the seas were high and there was a strong wind.

The Triangle is an area in the Atlantic between Miami, the Virgin Isles and Bermuda.


Unlike other disaster areas disappearances in the Triangle have left no wrecks or bodies.

Many reports point to a magnetic field which interferes with equipment aboard planes and ships.

Compasses go haywire and radios stop working. Even weather satellites falter over the Triangle.

Other theories blame UFOs, time warps, sea-quakes and Black Holes.