(Investigator 68, 1999 September)



The Washington Post (July 31) and the Sun-Herald (August 1) had detailed articles on the killings by Mark Barton in Atlanta. He killed his wife and two children with a hammer. The next day (July 29) he shot and killed 9 office workers and then himself

Barton was influenced by the teachings of the WTS. A letter left by him twice used the term "Jehovah" and other WTS buzz-words. For example he wrote. "I have come to hate this life and this system of things."

One of the victims this man shot was a man who worked with me for many years in the Bank of America – Dean Delawalla. He was a brilliant fellow and I interviewed and hired him 35 years back.

What a coincidence and what at tragedy!

B J Kotwall, NSW


Since I left JWs in '95 I have investigated other religions such as Born Again, Revival and Anglican and found very different teaching to JWs and found they're not as pushy.

However, to me all religion is in it for $. I'm looking forward to 2000 and we'll see if Armageddon comes. (Investigator 67 p. 10)

R Bourke, Victoria


A JW circuit overseer called at my place and read the article Armageddon by 2000 AD: A Prophecy by God to Spur JWs to Act. (Investigator 67 p. 10)

He commented on the reasoned and factual approach as distinct from the sometimes emotive and abusive approach of JW "apostates". He also liked the cartoon. When he finished reading he asked rhetorically: "Am I now supposed to leave Jehovah's Witnesses?"

I agree with the thrust of Dr Potter's criticism of Dr Bergman (Investigator 66, p. 25) especially the comment that one standard deviation – representing 34% of the scores – is a "large" difference not a "small" one.

Frank Russo, Adelaide

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