(Investigator 203, 2022 March)

God's Organization"

Reminiscent of the Lilliputians and Gulliver (in Gulliver's Travels), or David versus Goliath (in The Bible), thousands of individuals around the world have confronted the mighty Watchtower Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses.

JWs are supposedly a "Theocratic Organization"; "a new world society";  "Jehovah's Victorious Organization";   "Organizing Now for the Thousand Years to Come"; "the only organization on Earth that understands the deep things of God"; the only organization that will survive Armageddon.

Opposition to "God's Organization" includes other religions, many governments, anti-JWs ministries, atheists, skeptics, scholars, and ex-members who disassociated by sending a letter or were excommunicated.

The opposition's activities include writing books about JWs, commenting for news reports, YouTube documentaries, websites, TV appearances, radio interviews, demonstrations outside JWs venues, court battles against JWs lawyers, and arguing with individual JWs. It's like a never-ending worldwide fight of millions of people in 200 countries..

In Hobart (Australia) one couple who fought back distributed copies of their dissociation letter of which Investigator many years ago received a copy.

A Critique from Tasmania

Siegfried and Eliesabeth Strohbach were third and second generation JWs from East Germany living in Hobart, Tasmania, who left JWs 31 and 34 years after their baptism.

Their disassociation letter went to the JWs Governing Body located in the USA:


"We have lost faith to believe what the Organisation teaches because interpretations given in one Watchtower or book, could be changed in the next.

Proverbs 27:2 states, "May a stranger, and not your own mouth praise you, may a foreigner, and not your own lips do so." However what are the members of the Organisation doing? They praise themselves all the time. How good we are. How many hours we preach. How superior the New World translation is etc…

The teaching of Romans 13, dealing with the superior authorities has been changed three times. Many years ago a brother was disfellowshipped because he did not agree that the superior authorities in Romans 13 are Jehovah and Jesus Christ. Six months later the Organisation changed its opinion back to the previous interpretation, so the brother was right. This is stated in the book 'This Means Everlasting Life' Page 197, Paragraph 10.

A sister in Munich, Germany, could not believe that Solomon would have no resurrection, she was disfellowshipped for apostasy and later committed suicide. Later the Organisation said, "Yes, Solomon will still have a resurrection."

Each new publication is said to be given to us by Jehovah through His 'Faithful and Discreet Slave'. But if the explanation changes, it must mean that either Jehovah is a liar, or could it be the Faithful and discreet Slave has not spoken the truth?

For many decades we have been taught that Jesus did not have a beard, because the churches depicted him as having a beard. Now we are told that Jesus did have one.

In The Watchtower, 15/8/68, speaking of the Lord's return in the article "Why are you looking forward to 1975", page 499 states "it may involve only a difference of weeks or months, not years." Now many years have passed, so the prophecy was a lie. Also what about the other dates which were prophesied, 1914, 1918, 1925 etc?

Our  Founder, Brother Russell, proved the return of the Jews beyond any doubt,  from  Romans 11 and many chapters in Ezekiel and Jeremiah, too many to go into details. But if I preach what Brother Russell said, and the literal meaning of the Bible a humble person would understand by reading it himself, then I would be disfellowshipped. Which means that the Bible does not mean what it says, and that the Founder was a liar.

The next President, Brother Rutherford, completely contradicted himself in his writing. He wrote a book entitled "Comfort for the Jews". He proved that their return is beyond any doubt in the Bible. Afterwards he wrote the opposite, and went into great detail to disprove the arguments of his previous book.

1 Corinthians 15 and 1 Thessalonians 4 and 2 Thessalonians 2, speak about the rapture and Christ's coming back to earth. The resurrection and the rapture of the living ones is described as one event, as occurring together. However the Faithful and Discreet Slave says just the opposite, he says that Christ does not return to the earth, and that the rapture is in stages, like a bus picking up stragglers…

The books of Rutherford are a real mine of errors. Some years ago I picked out over four hundred statements which were just the opposite to what the Scripture stated.

The explanation of the parable of the leaven in Matthew 13:33 has been changed four times in the last seventy years, yet the Organisation claims that the spiritual food is given to us by Jehovah through His Faithful and Discreet Slave, and only after deep and prayerful study of the Bible. The same was said in the book "Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose", but Rutherford put all Russell's teaching out of the window. Who then is a liar, Brother Russell, Brother Rutherford, or Jehovah, the God who never changes? …

When the Pioneers were working 1200 hours per year and one of them became sick, he had to make up the missing hours in order to reach the 1200 hours so that he could remain in pioneer service. We still remember my late father in law, he was 65 years old, he was sick with a fever cold yet he went out in the winter on his pushbike.

My wife urged him to stay at home, his reply was "No I cannot, otherwise I will not reach the 1200 hours." Not even the most cruel worldly employer would ask one to make up for the time lost when they were sick, yet the Faithful and Discreet Slave has done so for years. Jesus, our Redeemer said, "For my yoke is kindly and my load is light." Matthew 11:30...

Once it was taught by the Organisation that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, but now it is Jehovah who is the Alpha and the Omega.

How can we be sure that the writings of the Organisation are true when there are constant changes and the Word of God is denied. Many thousands have already left because they could not accept the hundreds of changes and spiritual somersaults.

God's word is written so that even the most simple person can understand it, while the most wise and clever will never understand it. If God did not spare Israel, how much less will He spare you if you continually change and twist His Word…"

After leaving JWs, Siegfried and Eliesabeth apparently joined the Baptist Church. The inscription on their gravestone says:

Strohbach Ruth And Siegfried
Eliesabeth Ruth Strohbach
18 June 1923—1 July 2012
Siegfried Heinrich Strohbach
16 August 1928—27 July 2012
They Loved And Served The Lord Jesus
Fondly Remembered With Thanks
By Their Friends
At Citywide Baptist Church, Lenah Valley

The Strohbach letter mentions "spiritual food given us by Jehovah through his Faithful and discreet Slave". That doctrine too was changed after being "Bible truth" since the 1940s. In 2010 the JWs Governing Body dismissed from the "slave class" about 11,000 members and retained only themselves. Whether the "slave class" is also dismissed from their other position of God's "composite prophet" is unclear.

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